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Electrical Cost
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Electrical Cost is the title of a practical application for calculating the cost of electricity, developed by Ettore Gallina and published on Google Play. Today, many devices that are around us require electrical energy to turn on. Even the same smartphones that we use for hours every day need this energy to function and will be turned off if they do not have access to it. Imagine a world where there is no electricity! In this case, the whole world will go into blackout and more than 90% of the things we have around us will only become garbage. We have to pay a fee to the government for the amount of electrical energy we use every day. It doesn’t matter which country you live in, because using daily energy requires paying fixed costs. This issue is one of the reasons that you should pay attention to when buying new equipment. Buying an energy-efficient device not only saves energy, but also helps us pay less money to companies every month. Contrary to what you think, calculating the cost of electricity consumption in various devices is not easy and you usually get various errors. For this purpose, you can easily calculate the cost of each electrical device you have around you using Android apps. One of the best of these start-ups can be called Electrical Cost, which has a simple yet flexible user interface that allows you to easily measure electricity consumption costs.

Calculation of monthly electricity cost by Electrical Cost

As we mentioned in the above explanations, the Electrical Cost program is a suitable solution for calculating the electricity costs of your loved ones. To use this startup, first of all, after running T, set a list of all devices. This helps to keep all the details of your consumption and to know which of the devices you have around you are more consuming than other electrical devices you use. By creating this list and entering information about each of them, the consumption costs of all of them are added together and displayed in the form of a total cost. Not only will users be able to view expenses in a monthly format, but they will also be able to display them on a daily, weekly, or even yearly basis.

Creating and storing information about special devices

By default, users have access to a set of information on electronic devices such as lamps or televisions. In a way, we should say that every device has a preset format. But sometimes we use special tools; Devices that may be used by few people, such as printers, heating and cooling devices, or anything else that is not commonly used. If you cannot see the name of the device you are using in the pre-set list, you will be able to enter the related information such as power consumption, slot, etc. and calculate the electricity consumption and costs with the help of the Electrical Cost program.

Easy selection of parameters

Sometimes one of the problems that we may see in similar programs is the inability to change the input parameters. Users in the Electrical Cost startup can easily change all the input parameters manually and record the information in the most accurate way possible. In addition, we must mention that you will be able to extract all your calculations in the form of simple text files and save them in the memory of your smartphone.

Some features and capabilities of the Android Electrical Cost program:

Calculation of the cost of electricity used by electrical appliances or the total cost of electricity used in the house
Presentation of costs in the form of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly time frames
Make changes to the default currency to get accurate information
Making special templates for special devices and performing calculations
Change input parameters manually

Electricity Spending.
Calculation of theoretical energy spending based on the power used by household appliances.

Electrical Cos Features:

  • No advertising [PRO]
  • Ability to change currency
  • Choice of simple slots or consumption-based slots
  • Power consumption and cost per day/week/month/year
  • Ability to save templates [PRO]
  • Ability to export to text files [PRO]
  • Choice of predefined loads or manually input parameters
  • Record all your bills here, analyze expenses and view graphs
Electrical Cost
Download Electrical Cost for android

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