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Elements KWGT MOD APK 9.8.6 (Paid)

Elements KWGT
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Personalization of T environment is one of the main features of Android. This feature is so extensive that none of the operating systems have the ability to compete with it, and in this regard, Android can be seen as a neck higher. Perhaps one of the things that has caused Android devices to occupy the majority of the market today is these features. There are several different options for personalizing the environment and interface available to users, one of which can be called widgets. Widgets, which are one of the most attractive features of Android, will allow users to easily meet their needs without installing heavy programs or even running them. In the Android operating system, various widgets are available by default, each of which solves the needs of users in specific fields. On the other hand, many developers design widgets that we can use on the main screen or even the lock screen to increase the user’s possibilities! But an important point is the inability of users to edit widgets by default! As we mentioned, Android users are not able to make changes in widgets by default, but there is a unique software called KWGT in this field. This startup app, which we have introduced in previous posts, helps you to easily create your favorite widgets with a set of editing tools and get the most out of these exclusive designs. The expansion of users’ use of KWGT has caused some developers to create and release ready-made widgets for this app. For this reason, as always, we intend to introduce you to a set of ready-made widgets. Elements KWGT is a collection of special and ready KWGT widgets developed by Droid Beauty and published on Google Play. By installing this software, you will get access to several ready-made and pre-designed widgets in KWGT, which you will be able to use according to your needs. The widgets offered in this startup have different functions, the choice of which depends only on the user. Just select the widget and activate it. Scale settings allow you to change the size of widgets and choose them according to the size of your phone’s screen.

This is not a standalone app. You need KWGT Pro in order to use this app

Elements KWGT is an app with widgets that are made with true passion and attention to detail

Elements KWGT  Features

  • lot of widgets and more in the future

How to use

  • Install Kustom KWGT Pro
  • open the app and select ‘Load Preset’ from sidebar menu
  • choose the widget you like and click save
  • if the size doesn’t fit your screen change the ‘scale’ setting in the main widget menu
  • enjoy new look of your homescreen
Elements KWGT
Download Elements KWGT for android

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