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Empire War: Age of hero MOD APK v12.126

Empire War: Age of hero
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Empire War: Age of Hero MOD APK is an online multiplayer strategy game set in ancient Rome, which was recently published by FT Games on Dlpure. Enter the world with Caesar and build your empire into the greatest empire the world has ever known. Are you ready to build your empire, go to war with your enemies and command your forces in battle against other players? If you want to survive, you must use different combat units (cavalry and infantry), get new technologies and don’t forget diplomatic relations. Try to unite with other players and help each other in battles so that you can go to war with your allies and conquer their lands or defend your land against their attack. Organize your missions to fit your leadership style. Face your enemies in one-on-one battles and conquer their lands after an unequal battle. You can use different tactics and strategies to excel in battles. If you can defeat your enemies, you will slowly become a rival for Rome.

Some features of Empire War: Age of Epic Throne MOD APK Android game :

  • he possibility of fighting with millions of other players from all over the world
  • The possibility of conquering and taking control of different cities to expand your empire, conquer ancient Roman cities and force your enemies and other lands to obey you.
  • The possibility of training soldiers and forming an army of infantry (including legions, archers, etc.), cavalry (including light cavalry and heavy cavalry) and combat equipment (including catapults, tribushes, etc.), you can Send your army to attack the enemies.
  • The possibility of recruiting legendary heroes to command your army, you can appoint legendary heroes of ancient Greece to command your army or as a mayor.
  • The possibility of uniting with other players and conquering the world with each other’s help, you can send resources or reinforcements to your allies.
  • The ability to chat with other players (global chat), chat with members of your alliance and personal chat to get advice or talk about tactics, diplomacy and methods through which you can dominate the world.
  • Ability to use smart tactics to win one-on-one battles
  • The possibility of acquiring new technologies to increase your power and areas under your control, by acquiring new technologies, you can build better buildings and more powerful units and war equipment.
  • The possibility of trading with traders or other players
  • Possibility to participate in game events and activities to win big prizes
  • Graphics, staging and very beautiful animations that take you to the legendary era of ancient Rome.
  • Completely free
Empire War: Age of hero
Download Empire War: Age of hero for android

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