Fake GPS Location MOD APK 5.3.1 (Premium SAP)

Fake GPS Location MOD APK 5.3.1 (Premium SAP)

Fake GPS Location overwrites your current location to a fake location so any third-party apps, websites, or services would think you are there.
You can use it to test the GPS in apps, find people in different cities, fly your GPS from city to city without moving, geotag a photo, share a location on social networks, or show that you are somewhere else as an excuse!

The app has 3 modes:

 Fixed mode (free):

Fake GPS Location changes the location of the device to a fake fixed coordinate. It simulates staying somewhere and not moving. You can use fixed mode to spoof your real location and pretend you are somewhere else. You can use this mode in any app that uses your fixed location.

Route Mode (premium):

it changes the location of the device to a predetermined route. It can simulate walking, cycling, and driving from a starting point to a destination with different speeds and paths based on the selected direction type. This mode can be used in any route-based or tracking apps.

Joystick Mode (premium):

it is the most advanced mode in location spoofing. It supports walking, cycling, driving, and flying speed types. You can go anywhere, in any direction and control your movement with a joystick on the device screen. This mode can be used in any kind of apps, especially location-based games.


  1. You need to enable developer options.
  2. You need to choose this app as the selected mock location app in developer options.


This app is provided “as is” and we cannot be held responsible for any usage by the end-users of our app. This app is for testing purposes only. Some games will suspend your account if you try to fake the location.

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