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Farm City – Farming & City Building MOD APK v2.9.86

Farm City: Farming & Building
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Farm City: Farming & City Building MOD APK is a casual game from Zego Studio, published on Dlpure for free. Android farm city game is one of the best city building and farming games. Create your city with a good and beautiful design in terms of continuous improvements and other options. Along with building a city, build a settlement at the same time to create the feeling of living in a larger community on an island. Plant your desired crop like wheat in your farm and grow and harvest it and earn money by selling the products and use your income to develop the island. The offline game mode allows you to enjoy the game anywhere and anytime, such as traveling on the bus or walking on the street. Here, it will challenge you in terms of time management and city design elements. The more you play, the more interesting you will find in the game and gradually you can increase your skills to master the game. The construction of each building takes a different time. Players earn points when they create a building or collect resources. At the top of the map are your game stats and access to settings. Statistics include your number of coins (from achievements and selling goods), experience level and population level. Increase your experience level to speed up the time or buy the raw materials needed to complete the construction. At first, you can grow a limited number of crops, but as your city grows, so does the cultivation area and crop range. You produce products that are used in factories and the goods you produce can in turn be used to produce other raw materials, sell or trade. All collected items can be sold or traded. So create your own island and experience different levels.

This game allows you to experience both the peace of the farm and the hustle and bustle of the nearby city. Its diverse yet stunning design styles will fascinate everyone as you use your imagination to create your own farm and village. The gameplay is light and easy, but the management of time, equipment and machinery is not. Once you join Farm City, it is impossible to leave because the charm of the game prevents you from leaving. As a result, your skills will also increase.

Provide many types of plants for you to engage in farming
Coming to the farm town, players have to engage in productive farming and construction activities to produce more crops. Fertile soil and perfect weather conditions help your crops to grow smoothly. However, when you first start the game, you can only grow certain crops, but as the city progresses, the variety of plants and animals increases. In addition, your farming level will also increase accordingly.

Create clean products and earn money from them
From farming and raising livestock, players will collect and earn money from the many products created by those activities. Those products are brought to the factories and the goods and necessities needed by the people are produced here. In addition, part of those products create raw materials and sell or exchange with each other. All those goods created can be exchanged or bartered to meet the needs of the people living here.

Build cities and farms according to available maps
With countless beautiful and original designs, players have the right to choose the most suitable and satisfying painting for themselves. After choosing an image, you have to start building unique buildings and create a lovely farm. The constructions are basic and common but you have to manage your time well to complete them sooner. Through it, you also learn useful experiences and improve your skills.

Manage your time well
Every task in farm town is timed and your task is to complete them within the allotted time. If you let time pass, you won’t get the reward or even have to start over. Each building takes a certain amount of time to complete, but the player can speed up construction by taking notes in the game. Completing buildings on time or faster than the allotted time will give you experience points along with small gifts that will give you a lot of motivation in the mission process.

Create a map that shows the requirements of the characters
Farm City has created a stat map for you to better serve your characters. Here you will follow the map to find the residents’ stats and item requirements. Players experience countless levels from easy to difficult and bring exciting and fun moments. You can also collect unique collections of animals and natural phenomena.

Players will enjoy participating in Farm City through simple gameplay and engaging and engaging missions. You will experience a great and smooth game with beautiful graphics and high quality sound. Enhance the experience of exploring and learning about the city with clear and deep images. Also, through this game, some skills such as problem solving, fine motor skills, etc.

Key Features of Farm City: Farming & City Building
Breed, raise livestock hard to create products to meet the needs of the characters here, and trade or barter to earn yourself more income.
Build farms and cities based on beautiful maps and you also need to ensure progress to complete them.
It offers hundreds of different levels with different difficulty levels to challenge the player’s ability.
Many challenging missions for players and many valuable gifts after completing them.
Stunning graphics with good sound quality along with deep images help players to have more exciting and engaging experiences.


Some features of Farm City: Farming & City Building MOD APK Android game :


  • Cultivating, selling products and using the income for the development of the community on the island
  • Complete successive responsibilities such as planting, harvesting and turning wheat into bread
  • Doing business and expanding the community
  • Smooth gameplay plus beautiful graphics and quality sound
  • Fun game for everyone of any age and gender
  • Deep imaging, enhancing the learning experience of how cities and farms work
  • Build hundreds of buildings drawn in a unique and fantasy style
  • Skills required for broadcasting include problem solving and fine motor skills
  • Tasks require multiple steps and each action is timed like real time
  • Contains dozens of levels to pass from a simple level to a more advanced one
  • Improve and develop your island with farms and lovely animals
  • Existence of a map and showing the request of characters for items
  • Collect a collection of unique animals and natural phenomena
  • Offline mode
  •  Completely offline and without the need for internet
Farm City: Farming & Building
Download Farm City: Farming & Building for android

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