Felix KWGT MOD APK 14.0.0 (Patched)

Felix KWGT
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This is not a stand-alone app
Felix KWGT requires KWGT Pro App (Paid). So please if you don’t have KWGT Pro Key, don’t rate Felix KWGT bad for this. KWGT Pro Key required to unlock the features in the KWGT app.

Felix KWGT is a simple, minimal & colorful widget pack for your homescreen. Each widget comes with its own ‘Globals’ which allows you to customize the widget according to your taste (colors, names etc).

Felix KWGT  Features :

  • 128 colorful, simple, clean & minimal widgets (Initial release). Many more will add in future updates.
  • 1 minimal KLWP preset
  • Contains various Today View, Music, Calendar, Search Bar Widgets.
  • Interactive Widgets (Touch response enabled in many fragments)
  • Full unlocked widgets
  • Promised Weekly Updates. Always something new.

What you need?


KWGT – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.widget
Pro Key – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.kustom.widget.pro

Third-party launchers like Nova, Lawnchair etc..

How to use it ?

  1. Felix KWGT, KWGT & KWGT Pro App
  2. Long press on your homescreen & choose add widgets
  3. Select KWGT widgets
    Navigate to installed ones & tap Felix KWGT
  4. Choose the widget you like (fix scaling if needed) & hit save.
  5. Enjoy

Credits :

  • Yash Manjrekar for allowing me to use icons from his Nebula icon pack in my KLWP Preset
  • Thanks to our testers : Yudha, Abhi, Asad, Raj, Dhilip, Suman and Arijit

All the fonts & graphics used in the pack have been licensed for commercial use.

Please leave a review if you like the app

Feel free to contact me for any problem or suggestions :

Telegram Support Group – https://t.me/felixsupportgroup

Follow me on the twitter for future updates & early previews :

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SagarAnilSalve1

Felix KWGT
Download Felix KWGT for android

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