Firewall Security AI MOD APK 2.3.1 (Pro)

Firewall Security AI - No Root
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Firewall AI & Cybersecurity for Android

Introducing our all-in-one firewall and cybersecurity solution, providing comprehensive protection against hackers, espionage, and cyber threats. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), this app blocker effectively secures your device from unauthorized access and harmful cyber attacks, while also offering anti-spyware detection.

Our cutting-edge, no-root firewall technology, secure filter lists, and AI-driven algorithms ensure robust privacy protection. In addition, stay informed about your Wi-Fi usage and safeguard your data with our anti-hacker security features.

Robust Anti-Spyware Detection & Virus Protection:
Experience unparalleled protection with our no-root firewall app blocker and anti-spy detector, designed for Android devices with a user-friendly interface. Our intelligent system blocks unwanted app access, providing real-time insights into which apps are connecting to servers or consuming mobile data.

Defend Against Cyber Threats with AI:
Our secure firewall harnesses the power of AI to offer unmatched cybersecurity. Utilizing Deep Detective™ and Protectstar™ AI Cloud technologies, our system detects and defends against modern hacker attacks, espionage, trojans, and security vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Phone Security & Personal Firewall:
Take control of your data with our AI-powered cybersecurity app. Monitor and block data traffic, ensuring hacker protection and anti-malware defense. Prevent unauthorized online access to apps with our Wi-Fi blocker for ultimate phone security.

Advanced Firewall Protection:
Imagine a firewall that does more than just protect against hackers. Our Protectstar™ no-root firewall AI is specifically designed to block unwanted access from known intelligence services and government organizations, ensuring your privacy and security.

Our integrated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) automatically blocks known servers and IP addresses associated with intelligence services, government organizations, and more.

Additionally, defend against known spy servers in countries such as China, Iran, and Russia, as well as spyware and mobile trackers.

Firewall Security Features:

  • Comprehensive traffic control with cybersecurity
  • Advanced protection against outgoing connections
  • Complete oversight of installed apps and stalkerware
  • Customizable firewall security rules
  • Network connections routed through a personal firewall
  • Detailed firewall logs
  • Linux iptables-based protection
  • Block background and system apps, detect anti-malware connections
  • Network traffic insights
  • No root required
  • Reduce mobile data consumption
  • App blocker for blocking unauthorized data transmission
  • Secure Filter Lists: Defense against known spy servers and anti-malware removal

This app utilizes the Android VPN Service to route traffic to itself, enabling on-device filtering instead of relying on a server.

Firewall Security AI - No Root
Download Firewall Security AI - No Root for android

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