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Fishing forecast
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Fishing forecastFishing forecastFishing forecastFishing forecastFishing forecast

Undoubtedly, fishing is among the interests of many people to spend their free time; Although we must say that fishing is not only a healthy way to spend time, but it is also referred to as a sport! If you are among those who are interested in fishing and follow it, you must know that you cannot go fishing at any time and you must act at the right time. There are different ways to access this information, unfortunately, many of them do not provide you with the details with high accuracy! Fishing forecast is the title of an app for forecasting the right time for fishing, developed by and published on Google Play. “Complete and wonderful” these two words are the only short and complete explanation that can be given in the description of this software. The above application helps you find the right time to go fishing by connecting to the best weather stations in the world. One of the most important features in this startup that has turned it into a unique software is offering suggestions based on the fish you want! In such a way that you choose the desired fish and the meteorological data determine the right time for you based on the type of fish. So far, this smart app has been able to analyze the information of 50 different months and provide it to users, which is expected to increase in the future with the next updates. Choose the right place for fishing and mark it so that the nearest way will be shown to you by the above program. In addition, the available rss collects the latest fishing news from around the world and displays it in the form of content-rich headlines; Although we must say that by touching these headlines, you will have access to the full text of the news. Save your special notes and the information of the fish caught so that in your next experiences you can choose the best fishing method and the right place based on your experiences.

Some features and capabilities of the Android Fishing forecast program:

Accurate weather forecasts for fishing in the next 5 days
Select information and provide details based on the type of fish you want
Support information of more than 50 different fish
Choose the source of receiving weather information according to your taste
Smart map with the possibility of marking your desired route
Chart of changes in weather conditions
Geomagnetic activity data
News RSS to receive information and fishing news from around the world
Lunar calendar with the ability to take notes
Useful information to increase your fishing ability

Fishing Forecast is a program that will not only keep you informed of the weather forecast and optimal weather conditions for fishing, but also provides access to other important and useful options. What features and what functionality can the program offer?


Detailed forecast
Weather forecast with an interval of 3 hours with all important weather parameters for 5 days.

Source variability
The ability to choose one of three weather services, which is most accurate for your locality.

Using sensors
The ability to use the built-in pressure sensor for correcting and maximally accurate pressure readings.

All at once
All weather and cool information is structured and available on the main screen without unnecessary movements.


Scientific approach
All the algorithms for calculating the bite are based on scientific literature, observations and statistics from fishing.

Weather factors
Taking into account a variety of weather and astronomical factors in the algorithms for biting prediction.

Computing Transparency
The influence of each weather factor on the fish bite is reasoned and scientifically substantiated, described and available for reading.

The ability to compose your own bite calculation algorithm based on statistical processing of information from your own calendar notes.


Setting labels
Setting various labels with visible names and comments.

Recording Tracks
The ability to record the route traveled.

Night mode
Dark mode for maximum energy saving.

Lots of options
Several types of maps, the ability to export / import data in kml, gpx formats and much more.

Astronomical data

Geomagnetic Activity
Information about the geomagnetic activity of the Sun, which is also taken into account in the algorithms for calculating the bite.

Accounting in calculations and information about the phase of the moon, lunar day, time of its rise / set.

Wave parameters
Calculated data on height, period and wavelength for lakes, seas and oceans.


RSS feed
Fishing and hunting news from great in-app readable sites.

Useful information about fish species and various gear, which is available offline and is as constructive as possible.


Important weather and wave information is available in graphs for better analysis.

The ability to keep your own statistics on the catch, as well as take important notes.

Fishing forecast
Download Fishing forecast for android

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