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Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader (Standard)

Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader
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Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking is an Android note-taking and PDF reader app developed by Flexcil Inc. and published on Google Play. If you look at the Android market, we are provided with a variety of tools for taking notes or running PDF files, which usually meet our most basic needs. But in some cases we need special facilities more than usual. For this reason, some developers try to provide more facilities and features to the users of this operating system. Anyway, running PDF files or taking notes are among our most common activities with our smartphones. This is the reason why a good Android developer tried to provide both functions in the form of a software. Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking is the program we are talking about. Everything you need in the two fields of running PDF files or creating notes is provided by this startup and you will be able to meet your needs without the need to install several third-party programs. Although providing two functions at the same time does not mean that you will not have a variety of facilities, because everything you need is provided in this unique collection. So if you also use these two features continuously, it is better not to miss this smart app and stay with us to get it.

Implementation and creation of all kinds of notes and PDF with the help of Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking
As mentioned in the description above and can be understood from the title of the post, the main feature of Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking program is the ability to run PDF files and write different notes in the same environment. . You, dear ones, can use these two features at the same time without any restrictions and save your smartphone’s memory. One of the most important features provided is the ability to write notes or annotate PDF files with one’s own handwriting, which is unique. For this purpose, even if you are not interested in Android keyboards, you will be able to write texts with your own handwriting.

A combination of two popular features
One of the things that draws our attention to the program Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking is the combination of both main features! In this case, you can not only start editing or creating PDF files, but you will be able to copy a part of the PDF file with just one gesture and save it in the form of a note. As it was said, everything you need to have flawless notes is provided to you, such as types of fonts, different colors, options for organizing saved files, etc., which only with You can access all of them in a little time.

Increased concentration when running files
When users start reading a PDF file or a note, many things can distract them! Fortunately, the program Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking has also taken note of this issue and has provided a full-screen mode. In this case, only the information stored in the PDF file or notes is displayed, and you can’t even see the toolbar at the top of the screen! This feature makes you focus more on all your activities.

Some features and capabilities of the Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader – Notebook, Note-taking Android program:

Running all kinds of PDF files and also creating various notes
A suitable option for implementing your ideas in the form of notebooks!
Smart organization of documents
An option to annotate PDF files
All kinds of fonts in different colors to write flawless texts
Add images to your notes
Edit any type of PDF file with just one touch
Writing texts using your own handwriting
Support for s-pen
A set of ready-made templates to maximize the user’s creativity
Support for cloud servers for backup or recalling ready files

Flexcil: The world’s ultimate note-taking & PDF reader for Android

Experience the best note-taking app loved by 5 million users!
Whether you’re taking notes, reading PDF document, editing notebook, managing memo or creating your own digital planner – use Flexcil!

Boost your document productivity and take good notes with Flexcil!

Highlight easily and capture images or text in the documents or scribble notes with pen gestures.
With gestures, summarizing documents into a notebook becomes more efficient.

Selected by Apple and Samsung

  • Flexcil is on the iPad displayed in Apple’s offline store as a demo app
  • Featured more than 20 times as a ‘Featured App’ by Apple Appstore in 156 countries!
  • Selected to join Samsung Electronics’ startup acceleration program ‘C-Lab Outside’
  • Google Play Top Revenue app in South Korea


  • Edit, annotate and organize PDF documents & Notebook
  • Beautiful handwriting with vector-based pen engine
  • Organize and manage your documents AND notes
  • Summarize your ideas on notebook
  • Endless pen colors, sizes, and fonts that can help you take good notes
  • Instantly open any PDF documents for reading and studying


  • Capture everything on the documents to your notes
  • Save your time – Link between the original source and captured text or image is automatically created
  • Pinpoint every data on the documents from your study notes


  • Provide pleasant experience when reading PDF or taking notes with Pen Gesture mode – FLEXCIL EXCLUSIVE
  • Easily highlight and underline text on the documents with GESTURES – You ONLY need 2 STEPS!
  • Drag and paste text to the PDF documents or notebook flawlessly.
  • Add text and annotate with ease
  • Capture images and documents to the notes smoothly
  • Annotate PDF documents can’t be more simple
  • Improved the tiring, old fashioned way of note-taking which results in wrist or palm pain


  • View PDF and take notes at the same time during class!
  • Simply drag & drop text or image from other apps to PDF or notes
  • Edit to PDFs at once
  • Advanced view options that boost your productivity when reading documents or taking notes : full screen view, vertical scroll, view 4 pages, and so much more


  • Hundreds of colors and pen stroke sizes that enrich your note-taking process
  • Aesthetic note covers & templates
  • Endless creativity ー perfect for artist, writer, student, teacher, researcher, or anyone that wants to make note-taking more fun
  • Proven to boost productivity & pleasant note-taking experience


  • Record everything you hear whenever you take class notes or writing meeting notes
  • Replay audio recording and review what you wrote during the class or in the meeting
  • Tab on your note and hear what was said at the moment


  • Zoom
  • Notion
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • NAS
  • Digital Textbook
  • ebooks
  • PDF
  • and more!


  • Simulate real-life note-taking by using S-Pen – easy to use for all ages
  • Guarantees ZERO touch malfunctions when taking notes
  • Support S-Pen button & Air Actions – Enhance convenience of PDF reading and note-taking experience even further

Take your note-taking to the next level with Flexcil.
Download the most comprehensive, easy to use, and innovative study tool on the Google Play Store today!

Website: https://www.flexcil.com
Support: https://support.flexcil.com
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/flexcil
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flexcil
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjro4WpiFnxqKxAXQmASNwg

Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader
Download Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader for android

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