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Flight Pilot – 3D Simulator MOD APK v2.10.28

Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator
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Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator MOD APK  is an interesting and fun pilot simulator game for Android phones and tablets, published by the studio Fun Games For Free and made available to Google Play users. By installing this game, you will be able to participate in exciting missions using different planes and test your piloting skills. Very attractive scenarios are also included in the gameplay, which can be interesting for those interested in aviation games. It should be noted that all existing planes are modeled on real examples.

What will you experience in the game?
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D and exciting activities related to the experience of flying an airplane. Players will surely enjoy the assigned tasks while participating as a professional pilot. This system provides a display with a full range of different control keys to maneuver the aircraft. This huge collection includes dozens of different models that will help you visualize your favorite aircraft in no time. Some of them are yours, earn extra coins from missions and buy new equipment needed for your journey.

Discover how the plane works
To be able to participate in Flight Pilot Simulator 3D as a skilled pilot, players have to go through a small training course. First of all is the appearance of the joystick assembly. It has several buttons. Does this make you feel hard? Do not worry; We’ve created basic instructions to help you get to know them and get used to the controls. The steering wheel and main buttons are located in important positions. Players only need to work on the touch screen to be able to use them.

As for the radios, they are constantly connected to the ground control system to update the weather or help you in the event of an unfortunate situation. Each flight is built around a start point and an end point, all well documented on your route. View the instructions generated by the system in the sky. You just have to move with them. The shipment will be delivered without any problems.

Collect dozens of different airplane models
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D will feature a collection of thousands of aircraft in the upcoming version. With many eye-catching and famous aircraft models, players can explore them by test driving or buying new planes. Aiming at their diversity, their unique shapes and decorations will amaze you.

However, the player chooses the appropriate aircraft depending on each cargo. This is why you collect coins quickly and buy new planes with more diverse shapes. If there are not enough coins, you can collect them by doing easy tasks in front of you. Some special weekly or monthly events allow you to top up more coins but still get the discount.

Enjoy the amazing creative atmosphere
In order to identify attractive content with images and movements, Flight Pilot Simulator 3D has invested heavily in visual and audio systems. Necessary animations are included in the game to help you improve your ability to recognize and improvise in many situations. The picture and sound quality is undisputed when it is the focus of a large number of players. Various comments about the content or form will be noted and corrected.

Increase your piloting experience with upgrades
Flight Pilot Simulator 3D brings a whole new experience to players. From learning the steps to control the plane to becoming a professional pilot, it takes a long time for players to get used to this content. Some desirable changes will be considered to improve performance. You can try your hand at many game modes and deliver loads of cargo for your guests. The opportunity to receive hundreds of other special prizes will always come to you.

Key Features
Players participate in the operation of controlling the aircraft and completing each assigned mission. Each request is faced with certain actions, one of which is the transport task.
This system provides basic travel information such as origin, destination and transit code. Players can master travel when they are familiar with how to build paths.
The flight console is where you launch the machines and communicate with the ground. You will be introduced to the main control keys, hoping that new members will soon get used to it.
A selection of high quality aircraft that will make you dream, some limited edition aircraft are also available. Players must meet certain conditions in order to gain control over them.
Large spaces are the result of the creative process. This system is continuously improved to bring the best picture quality and sound sequence to the users. Changes in the updated version will be announced in advance.


Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator MOD APK game features :


  • Pilot experience with different aircraft
  • Existence of challenging missions
  • Existence of various scenarios (rescue operations, landing in difficult conditions, fire, etc.)
  • The existence of 20 types of aircraft modeled from real examples
  • Existence of a wide map with various surprises
Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator
Download Flight Pilot: 3D Simulator for android

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