Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer v5.1 (Mod)

Floating Stopwatch, free multitasking timer v5.1 (Mod)

A Stopwatch that floats over your apps, games, and lock screen!

No matter if you play a game or watch a video – You don’t have to switch to and from the stop watch app.

Floating Stopwatch will run on top of all other apps on your Android device. The timer can be moved and resized and is also available on your lock screen. With the timer configuration you can create your own stop watch style. You don’t need to be online to use it and it will work perfect in power saving mode.


  • Custom names for stopwatch.
  • Multitasking – create and launch multi stopwatches simultaneously.
  • Floating mode – stop watch can be displayed over other apps.
  • Color themes available.
  • Analog and digital styling.
  • Bunch of customization options.
  • Resizable – make small or big stopwatch, whatever size you want.

It perfectly suitable for multitasking. If you need multi stopwatch you can enable all timers at the same time. Alternatively, if you need only single stopwatch timer you can use them separately and decide which timers to enable and which to disable.

If you need a stopwatch timer for sports activities it will perfectly suit your needs. You can play training videos and at the same time display stop watch over any other application on your phone.

Sport stopwatch can be used for any kind of sport activities as:

  • swim stopwatch
  • workout stopwatch
  • stretch stopwatch

With this stop watch application you can easily create required set of timers:

  • 30 minutes timer
  • 20 minutes timer
  • 5 minutes timer
  • Any custom timeframe you want

Hot to use:

  • On main screen you can choose do enable/disable timers.
  • To start/pause a launched stopwatch press the timer.
  • To reset the timer double click the multi-window stopwatch.
  • To quit the stopwatch you can long click the stopwatch. A confirmation dialog will appear.
  • To customize the look and create best stopwatch for your needs you can tap the stopwatch.
  • There are bunch of options you can customize: name, running color, pause color, size, style, etc.
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