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Galaxy Attack : Alien Shooter MOD APK v45.1

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting
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Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK is an arcade game from ONESOFT game studio. Take control of your spaceship and protect the Earth from hordes of aliens in the Galaxy Attack Android game. So complete your challenging objectives and save the world from evil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will face many enemies in dangerous environments. By destroying them, you will earn points and upgrade your spaceship. Complete various missions using the weapon you have and advance to the next level. Fight different bosses and overcome the challenges of each stage.

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, fend off alien spaceships that are trying to destroy the world, so you become a hero. The game immerses players in exciting space battles and players will experience controlling their spaceship to destroy the enemy ahead. You will be alone against an increasing number of enemies, and their danger is more terrifying. Exciting space battles are waiting for you to discover. Let’s fight now

Defeat the evil plot
From the enemy with many spaceships appearing in the sky, you will use your flexible control techniques to move and shoot the enemy. Players just need to touch the color of their device to control their warship to dodge enemy ships and their return fire. Identify bombing targets and destroy them to prevent them from reaching you. Go into battle to stop the plots of the bad guys.

You will navigate with skill as the alien spaceships are always looking for ways to crash or drop bombs to destroy you. Players dodge bombs and destroy enemies. In addition, you can also move your spaceship to an area with items for upgrades or cool weapons. Although the gameplay is simple, it is not easy to win. To avoid being unfairly killed, you must develop smart tactics and effectively dodge enemy bullets and ships.

We fight stronger, richer, fight more
The player has to face more spaceships after each level, your enemies become stronger and more dangerous. The number of alien spaceships will increase and players must be careful in their movements. This space war environment always has unexpected enemies and along with them appear when the enemy is destroyed.

These gifts give the player abilities such as increasing the number of barrels, protective shields, healing. That’s why you have to kill a lot of bad guys to get valuable items. Appearing at the end of the levels are the bosses, they are the scariest opponents with fighting power and the ability to live longer. You have to use a lot of skills to avoid the boss shooting because a lot of people have lost their lives because of it.

Various challenges and multiple rewards for the winner
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is designed for players to have multiple missions for you to conquer. There are more than 160 levels with very exciting and violent gameplay. The most dangerous is the final boss, which players must destroy to unlock new battle spaces. Although defeating the boss at the end of the level is very difficult and stressful, if you win, the items you get are also huge.

In addition to the final boss fight, the game also creates other challenges for players to find interesting. You will show your skillful dodging skills to pass the levels. Dodge and aim your guns at the enemies to destroy them quickly in the shooting rain challenges. By completing each task, people get rewards like gold coins, weapons to fight including guns, cannons, armor.

A collection of many new battle spaceships
Not only do you equip your plates with powerful combat skills, you also need to upgrade your spaceship’s firepower to kill the bad guys faster. Your weapon will knock down your opponent in a flash after each upgrade. Weapons require a certain amount of money to upgrade, use the money you collect to increase the damage of your weapons. In addition, the latest and most advanced spacecraft are also upgradeable. Each type of spaceship will have a separate fighting style, buy lots of new spaceships to make the battle more intense. However, you have to be careful not to collide with enemy ships or get hit by their bullets if you want to stop the war. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter also offers online battle modes for players like 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3. You will be able to fight to compete with many other players around the world and rank high in the rankings. earn

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter gives players an addictive space shooter with uncompromising battles. High quality visuals take players to intense boss battles. Epic sniper scenes are waiting for you to experience and crush the evil plots to attack the earth. Climb aboard your warship and conquer different battles. Compete with your sniper skills to become the world champion.

Some features of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter  MOD APK Android game :


  • Multiplayer mode: 1 vs 1, 1 vs 3
  • Includes high quality images for tablets and large screens
  • Ability to use different skills during space battles
  • Play more than 160 levels with different difficulties and problems
  • Contains beautiful and challenging levels
  • Complete various missions
  • Battle with strong bosses
  • Upgrade your guns and lasers
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting
Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooting for android

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