Game Booster PRO | Bug Fix & Lag Fix 3.0rv (Paid Mod)

Game Booster Pro: Bug Fix
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Game Booster Pro: Bug FixGame Booster Pro: Bug FixGame Booster Pro: Bug FixGame Booster Pro: Bug FixGame Booster Pro: Bug Fix

Game Booster Pro | Bug Fix & Boost Gfx is the title of a special and feature-rich Android game booster developed by SCOTEAM and published on Google Play. At the same time as the hardware power of smart devices increases, game studios also take advantage of this opportunity and try to provide gamers with games with high details and better graphics. One of the topics that sometimes draws our attention is the very high quality of these games. Sometimes these games have such high graphics that the smart device cannot run them properly. We can see an example of this in different smartphones. One of the best available solutions is to reduce the quality of the graphics of the games; This makes the GPU processor less used and the game runs more smoothly. But the most important thing is to run the game with the highest quality, without any lag. We can use a special accessory for this. These additional tools, which are usually known as game optimizers, provide us with various features, which make the games run more smoothly and allow us to experience a lag-free game. Undoubtedly, the Game Booster Pro application Bug Fix & Boost Gfx is one of the best options. In this program, professional gamers have access to a set of special features, which help you have a better experience of hours of continuous gaming.

Eliminating the lag of Android games with the help of Game Booster Pro Bug Fix & Boost Gfx
One of the main actions that Game Booster Pro | What Bug Fix & Boost Gfx does is eliminate game lag. Unfortunately, the excessive use of processing resources by games sometimes causes us to see a constant delay in the execution of commands. This game booster with accurate CPU and smartphone graphics processing, after running the game, it quickly detects any additional processing and stops them in just a fraction of a second, so that more resources are available for the running game. Be placed.

Help improve Android pings
Today, many of the most popular games played by millions of people are online. From the examples of these games, we can point to PUBG or Kalaf Duty! These games, despite having high graphics and needing free resources, also require a suitable internet speed. If you cannot provide enough bandwidth for this category of online games, you will see a very high ping that after some time you will prefer to delete the game! Fortunately, in Game Booster Pro Bug Fix & Boost Gfx We see a tool to improve game ping and view fps live, which is very useful.

Making extensive changes in the graphics of games
As we mentioned in the initial explanation, one of the best ways to reduce lags while playing the game is to reduce the graphics of the game. According to this issue, Game Booster Pro Bug Fix & Boost Gfx provides you with a tool called Gfx. This option helps to change the graphics of the game and set it in the most normal mode possible so that in addition to enjoying the visual effects, you will not face any lag.

Some features and capabilities of Game Booster Pro Bug Fix & Boost Gfx Android:

Optimizing the smartphone to run games at maximum speed
Stopping unnecessary background processes
Improve the ping of online games and view fps live
Making changes in the graphics of games and their settings in the most normal way possible
Access to more than 17 dns servers worldwide
Token activation for shooter and action games!

The perfect gaming experience with Game Booster Pro!

Bug and lag in games?
Get rid of bug and lag with one touch

Some games may overload your device. Reduce overhead with Game booster!
Extremely high ping creates problems in online games (online fps games)

Get rid of high ping problem with anti-ping mode
Play the game faster with one touch

Play your games without delay

Real Game Boost

Play the highest performance without ever hanging (Freezing & Butchering). Automatically improves the performance of one-click CPU, RAM, and other hardware features.

What can we do for you?
We can improve device latency problems by increasing the apparent FPS values, allowing you to play smoother games.

Advanced High-ping fix Mode

Box from high ping problem | High Ping Fix |

High-end game acceleration

  • Accelerates the services used by games and applications in the background.
  • Accelerate your desired games with simple and simple usage
  • Advanced game acceleration
  • Maximum performance
  • RAM-Free Tweak is applied

Ping monitor

  • See instant ping values
  • Customize with great themes

FPS monitor

  • Monitor real fps values
  • Watch from the top-right corner, customize with themes and sizes
  • CPU is optimized for high performance
  • Accelerates device for benchmarks and powerful games
  • RAM-Free Tweak is applied

Game Booster improves device performance, increases processor speed, and is completely!


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Game Booster Pro: Bug Fix
Download Game Booster Pro: Bug Fix for android

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