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Good Pizza Great Pizza MOD APK v4.24.2.2

Good Pizza, Great Pizza
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Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK is a casual game from TapBlaze game studio, which is published on DLPURE for free. In this Android game you have to cook pizza in your shop and sell it. Upgrade your store with the highest and newest equipment and compete against your pizzazz competitors. Use your pizza cooking skills and cook the best pizzas and attract more customers.

About the cooking game Good Pizza, Great Pizza:
A cooking game with an original style to immerse players in endless relaxation while serving lovely or friendly customers. They can also upgrade the restaurant or add new content to satisfy diners’ palates while constantly inventing new menus. Most importantly, customer stories have a profound effect on players when they are presented directly to players in the best quality or condition.

Start your first business in a beautiful pizzeria
Starting in Good Pizza, Great Pizza, players all start cooking the best pizzas they can come up with to serve everyone. Although the first levels are simple, their relaxation or speed gradually increases to entertain the player with unique content related to the best pizzas. Over time, the value or potential of the pizzas will give players more interesting discoveries from a variety of respected guests.

Simple mechanisms to provide the best pizza to everyone
The nature of the game is cooking, so the cooking mechanism is friendly and simple, but requires the player to absorb all the needs of the customer. Each person orders at the right time and the player has to prepare each layer of cake or the right topping to satisfy his hunger. It also emphasizes the element of time management so that each player’s actions are perfectly connected, promising customers the most valuable time.

Upgrade the kitchen or add new spices to the pizza
Good Pizza, Great Pizza offers players a deep and complex upgrade system to take their pizzas to the next level. Creating new menus is complicated, but it helps attract more customers with unique tastes. This upgrade will also help expand the kitchen and help everyone cook faster and better pizzas to satisfy customers in the shortest possible time.

Learn more about our favorite customers
The player shop will have the opportunity to encounter more than 60 unique and distinct types of customers, while managing all regular business hours in each level. The important thing is that every customer is unique and there are many beautiful features that will attract everyone’s attention to the chat while waiting for the pizza to be made. Through it, players can learn more about the stories or events that happened to them while serving the most amazing pizzas.

Decorate the shop with unique designs or themes
Designing a complete shop is essential if players want to attract more customers during their career in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. The decoration system is also deep and varied in content to satisfy creativity when designing a complete store. Importantly, players can get new themes or decorations as they listen or learn more about the stories that customers have brought to decorate the store.

Receive stories and new clients based on personal progress
The game regularly expands the gameplay content to entertain the players by introducing new characters or stories alongside the players. However, this time, the stories are all strange and have many complications for the players to absorb or enjoy their essence to better understand the customers. However, serving pizza will always be worthwhile for them, and there is a lot of potential for players to immerse themselves in the work or the feelings it gives them.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a great cooking game with extensive content to entertain the player while adding more overtime improvements. Meanwhile, the gameplay also allows players to make any pizza they want at their leisure and surprise customers with additional gifts that come from the store.

Key Features
Take the first steps to manage a pizzeria with beautiful concepts or satisfy all customers’ tastes with the tastiest pizzas ever made.
Simple and friendly mechanics to create new pizzas and provide attractive smells of tasty looks to customers with your secret ingredients or spices.
Upgrade the kitchen for better pizza-making performance or add new content to satisfy more customers’ tummies with quintessential homemade pizzas.
Learn more about customers and their stories to better position yourself or discover the hidden meanings behind compelling stories or exciting elements.
Decorate restaurants with unique concepts or styles to increase queues or customer patience and even get new design concepts from stories.

Some features of Good Pizza, Great Pizza MOD APK Android game :

  • Featuring Pizza News Network (PNN), the first news on all things pizza
  • More than 80 customers with unique pizza orders and diverse characters
  • Cooking different pizzas including pepperoni, sausage, onion, etc
  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Simple, fun and challenging gameplay
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Good Pizza, Great Pizza
Download Good Pizza, Great Pizza for android

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