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Habitify: Simple Habit Tracker
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Habitify: Simple Habit TrackerHabitify: Simple Habit TrackerHabitify: Simple Habit TrackerHabitify: Simple Habit TrackerHabitify: Simple Habit Tracker

Everyone does different things every day, some of which have become part of our habits due to a lot of repetition; Having good habits is not only pleasant for us but also makes the people around us happy, but having a bad habit makes many people leave us and bring many problems into our lives. Therefore, various solutions have been proposed to eliminate bad habits, of which the use of Android startups can be considered as one of the best. Habitify Habit Tracker & Daily Reminder Pro Unlocked is a habit tracker application for tablets and Android phones, developed by Unstatic Ltd Co and published on Google Play. The above program helps its users to monitor all their habits and track them as simply as possible. One of the features of this startup that has attracted many users is the system of creating good behaviors; In such a way that it repeats and reminds small good habits over time, so that after only a few days, it institutionalizes them in your mind and thoughts. Continuous use of this software helps you focus on your daily activities and get better results from doing them.

Some features and capabilities of the Habitify Habit Tracker & Daily Reminder Android program:

Track habits and display them all on one page
Replacing good habits with bad ones by constantly repeating them
Increased focus on specific activities due to their high repetition
View a graph of your performance and progress
Synchronize information with your other smart devices
Protection of personal information by PIN code or fingerprint lock

Habitify is a free Android habit tracker app that helps you build new habits and maintain the perfect daily routines.

With a minimal and intuitive design, Habitify will make monitoring your life becomes completely effortless.

Due to the simple and todo-style design, Habitify is not only a personal habit tracker, but it can also serve as your to-do lists for recurring tasks, your daily routine planner, or your performance report.

Why Habitify Android is the last android habit tracker app that you need to rock 2020?

  1. Stay focused on your daily routine
    Habitify groups your habits by times of the day: morning, afternoon, and evening. You can customize the time for each time of the day to suit your daily routine better.
  2. Strive for your Goals
    Habitify Android enables you to set and pursue goals in your habits. Whether it is multiple completion in a day or time-based, weekly goals.
  3. Harness the Power of Data
    Habitify Android helps you measure progress with insightful charts and numbers. We act as your accountable buddy that shows how well you’re keeping up with your daily routine.
  4. Syncing with your Favorite Health App
    Habitify Android now works with Samsung Health and Google Fit, taking your health habits to the next level with detailed data and automatic check-ins.
  5. Build good habits anywhere, any time
    No matter where you go, Habitify goes with you. It is available on your Android phones and tablets, and also on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac).
  6. Never Forget a Habit Again
    Habitify Android will act as a habit reminder to drink water, exercise, meditate, or wake up early. Have a list of the daily routine of successful people that you want to follow? This android habit tracker app can remind you to do it at the right time!

That’s not all! Habitify Android provides you with all the tools you need to keep your daily routine go as planned.

  1. Notes (Premium)
    You can note down anything about your daily habits: why you start it, what motivates you, what you achieved today… Whenever you need it, you can always go back and view all the notes in one place. Habitify Android makes tracking your daily routine become so much easier!
  2. Today Widget
    Habitify Android helps you view what’s due at a glance, mark them done instantly, and maintain your daily routine with motivational quotes that refresh every day!
  3. Dark Mode (Premium)
    We care about your eyes and your battery. As an android habit tracker app, Habitify (must) look amazing in Dark Mode, especially in OLED devices.
  4. Privacy Lock (Premium)
    We care about your sensitive data! Keep your daily routine away from curious eyes with Facial recognition and Fingerprint lock!

All of the above features make Habitify the best habit tracker app that can help you with goal setting and become your next daily routine reminder. With it, you can get things done effortlessly, achieve more despite a busy schedule, and become a better person!

Premium version features

  • Track Unlimited habits
  • Unlimited reminders
  • Data export
  • Dark Mode
  • Privacy lock
  • First-in-line support
  • Habit notes
  • Skip your habits
  • Archive habits
  • Yearly Calendar
  • Dark Mode

With the Premium version, your habit-forming process will be less challenging. Habitify Premium is both a true goal tracker as it can remind you multiple times per day to finish your goal.

With the subscription model, which means if you’re Premium on one platform, you’ll be Premium on all other platforms. There’s no need to repurchase Habitify again.
Our team at Habitify welcomes all your ideas, feedback and suggestions 🙂
Let us know how we can improve Habitify to suit you better at:

Website: https://habitify.me
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/habitify
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UseHabitify
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/habitify.me/
Email: contact@habitify.me
Community: https://community.habitify.me

Habitify: Simple Habit Tracker
Download Habitify: Simple Habit Tracker for android

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