Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony MOD APK v1180

Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony
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Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony MOD APK is an android game for girls from the game studio Foxie Ventures, which has been released on Dlpure for free. in this Horse riding game for girls android you have to start your journey among horse lovers and horse racing environments. Customize your character and tame wild and beautiful horses and race against other players. Bring the horses to your stable and train them so that you can make them jump in the champion horse racing and win the competition. In this online and multiplayer horse riding game, ride horses with your friends and compete with each other. Enter a small equestrian town that is centuries old and has vast, open plains full of small and large animals and ride your horses with all your friends and ride around the countryside of your farm and even more. Explore and adventure from it. The multiplayer horse racing game mode allows you to participate in online races around the farm and compete against your rivals for glory in the jumping races. Create an amazing and special look for you and your horse. You can also use a helmet, saddle, etc. for yourself and your horse, and you can choose one of the thousands of faces that exist and create a different face for yourself. Choose from different types of wild horse breeds like appaloosa, mustang and other horses and take care of them and tame them. Prepare your horse to participate in races and complete missions. Discover the secret of legendary horses and infantry like unicorns and…. that move freely in the skies and above the clouds. Collect the cutest wild animals like foxes, puppies, wolves to tigers and more. They run alongside you as you take part in horse racing missions around the farm. Join a club and gather all your friends and compete against other clubs for amazing prizes in weekly challenges. Explore the world and mine resources to get beautiful western riding accessories like saddles, bridles, blankets and more for your horse. Take care of your horse in the stable by feeding him hay, making horseshoes and more to keep his spirits up. The happier your animal is, the better it will jump in equestrian competitions. Train the best champion horse and win the ultimate equestrian prize.

Enter the horse racing by installing the game
Start at the bottom as a steady job and work your way up to become a dressage and equestrian competition superstar! Join our online community for riders and horse lovers, where you can customize your avatar, tame and race beautiful wild horses, bring them to your stable and train them to become a horse show jumping champion. ride

A quaint equestrian community dating back hundreds of years, surrounded by rolling pastures and vast meadows. sleepy. rural. very well. Full of adorable creatures, both big and small. A haven of peace and tranquility like nowhere else on earth. A community that has long been known for its love of horses, dating back to the beginning of the city. Layla, a humble stable worker, calls this place her home. A horse girl who, although she is surrounded by horses every day, has never actually ridden one, but that is about to change!

Ride and compete with your friends here!
Riding your horses with your best girlfriend and other cowgirls as you travel to see the world outside your farm in beautiful 3D is an experience you won’t soon forget. In the multiplayer horse racing game mode, you will also have the opportunity to compete with your opponents in online races where you will gallop around the farm at full speed.

English and Western clothing – endless customization
As you fight for the gold in the Meadowcroft show jumping competition, you and your horse will want to look absolutely amazing. Put on your best winning face wearing the most stylish western outfits ever made. There are literally hundreds of different outfits that you can create with just a few accessories, such as a saddle, leg covers and a mask for your horse, and a jodopur and helmet for yourself.

Tame the beautiful horses
Get your hands on the ideal mount! As you tame and care for wild horse breeds like mustangs, dapple grays, appaloosas, and other colored horses, you develop a mystical connection with these horses and your stallion will move on just when you want to. Ready to ride. your journey

Unravel the truth about the legendary horses Pegasus and the Unicorn that run free in the heaven above the clouds and solve the mystery of the famous horsemen of the fantasy sky.

Join the showjumping and dressage academy
Chances are you’ve been sent an invitation to enroll at Meadowcroft Riding Academy, a school that has seen countless riders pass through its gates and ride across its meadows. As you investigate the mystery of the Sky Riders, you will face your fellow students in various equestrian competitions.

Get the dog and cat
Acquire and add the cutest wild animal companions to your collection, from foxes and wolf pups to magical tigers and more. Show off your adorable animals to all the other cowgirls. They accompany you and gallop by your side even as you complete the horse racing objectives around the farm.

Join a club
Gather your closest friends and compete head-to-head with other club members to win incredible prizes in weekly challenges. Put on a show for the other club members and ride like a champion! Explore the world and collect materials to craft exquisite western riding gear for your horse, including saddles, bridles, blankets, and more!

Take good care of your horse
Perform horse care tasks in your stable by providing hay, horseshoes and other supplies for your animal to keep it in good spirits. Completing these missions will bring you experience and rewards. The happier and calmer your animal is, the higher it will go in riding competitions. Create the most successful horse for the race and take home the most prestigious equestrian award.

This game is more than a simple simulator. It also ushers in a new era for riding games on mobile devices. Your new role in the Horse Riding Tales family has been warmly welcomed by everyone here at Foxie Ventures. Lots of extras will be added, such as Shetland horses, Pegasus horses and even more fantastic unicorns, and hard breeding missions. All of these will be included.

Some features of Horse Riding Tales – Wild Pony MOD APK  Android game :

  • Training your horse
  • Collect different animals
  • Join a club
  • Acquisition of various items
  • Explore the world and mine
  • Take care of your horse
Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony
Download Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony for android

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