How to Lose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at Home 1.27 (PRO Mod)

Lose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at Home
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Lose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at HomeLose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at HomeLose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at HomeLose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at HomeLose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at Home

One of the problems that many people in the society suffer from is being overweight. This excess weight can have many reasons, among which lifestyle, unhealthy foods, etc. can be mentioned. Some people are disappointed until their weight increases a little and they don’t take any precautions anymore! For this reason, you can see their weight increase over time. One of the ways to lose weight is to have regular exercise that helps you lose weight significantly in a short period of time! Although we must tell you that every type of exercise will not cause significant weight loss! Lose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at Home is a fast weight loss application in thirty days developed by AxiomMobile and published on Google Play. As it is clear from the title of the post, this software will help you lose a significant amount of weight in just thirty days. One of the main reasons for the effectiveness of this smart app is the Tabata training style! In this training method, the training intensity is very high and the amount of rest is low, which causes sweating and weight loss. A series of various exercises are provided to you dear ones, which do not require any special equipment, and voice feedback helps you perform the movements in the best possible way. Over time and within a period of 30 days, the intensity of exercises has increased and you can see this change in intensity in the amount of fat burning. In addition, all the exercises are in three special categories that everyone can choose according to their abilities. The amount of calories burned will be given to you. You can adjust the tat diet according to these numbers.

Some features and capabilities of the Lose Weight in 30 Days program. Android Workout at Home:

A series of intense Tabata exercises
Not needing any special sports equipment to perform these exercises
Noticeable weight loss in just thirty days
Increasing the intensity of the exercises over time
Illustrated training of sports movements with audio feedback
Calorie counter to display the amount of calories burned
Storage of all the information of exercises performed
Synchronization of all information in the Google Fit program

A few minutes a day can replace an hour at the gym.

3 difficulty levels:

The fitness plan suits everyone. There are different exercises each day so you won’t get bored.

The workout plan is based on Tabata.

Tabata is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT):

  • Workout hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Repeat

How to Lose Weight in 30 Days Features:

  • 30-day workout plans for weight loss
  • Gradually increase in difficulty
  • Illustrated exercises
  • Voice feedback
  • Calorie counter
  • Detailed history
  • Sync data with Google Fit

There’s no equipment needed, you can do your workouts at home at any time.

Lose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at Home
Download Lose Weight in 30 Days. Workout at Home for android

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