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Image & Video Date Fixer 1.86.1 (Premium)

Image & Video Date Fixer
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Image & Video Date FixerImage & Video Date FixerImage & Video Date FixerImage & Video Date Fixer

Image files are among the most used and popular types of files and they are used for different purposes. These files are not limited in use due to their small size. Therefore, we can see a large number of them on social networks, websites and messengers. Our smartphones now have very high-quality cameras that enable us to take very high-quality and beautiful photos. There is also a gallery application on all phones, whose job is to manage images and make them easy to access. For this, the galleries use the metadata information of the images to sort them in different ways so that finally the user can access their photos faster and more easily. As long as we record photos with our camera, the gallery can sort them very easily, but when we transfer photos from another phone or from the Internet to our phone, the gallery has problems. The gallery automatically uses the editing date of the images to sort the images, when we transfer photos from a phone or from the Internet to the phone’s memory, the editing date of all of them becomes the date of their transfer. This action causes the images to be displayed in a jumbled and disorganized manner. In such a case, using this program will be very useful. Image and Video Date Fixer is an application for automatically correcting the date of image files in order to better sort them in the gallery, for the Android operating system, developed by j to the 4n and published for free on Google Play. This program automatically copies the date of creation of the files to the date of their modification so that their order is not messed up. If there is no metadata on your files and the file creation date is written in the file name, this program is also able to recognize the date and record it for the image. If you have a lot of photos on your phone and are having trouble accessing them, we recommend installing this program.

Some features of Image and Video Date Fixer for Android:

Automatic copying of creation date to modification date in metadata of files
Edit files in groups and at high speed
Support for video files
The ability to detect the creation date of files from the file name

With the latest update it is now also possible to fix the order in facebook or instagram galleries.

Ever copied images from one phone to another, or from an external storage or cloud provider to your phone and ended up with a messed up timeline in the gallery?
This happens because the file modification dates of your images will be set to the the date when you transfered your files to your phone.

Here comes Image and Video Date Fixer to the rescue. It can read the capture date of images and videos from its EXIF metadata and sets that as file modifidation date using the Android File API.

In case your images do not contain EXIF Metadata, but contains the date in the filename, Image and Video Date Fixer can parse the filenames to extract the date from it and uses that to correct the file modified date.

The free version allows you to fix 50 files per run.
If you want to fix more files per run you can buy the premium version with an in app purchase.


Due a bug in the Android Framework, fixing the file modification date will just work on Android 9 upwards. In some cases it might also work on Android 8 for some manufacturers.

Image & Video Date Fixer
Download Image & Video Date Fixer for android

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