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We sometimes come across a post on Instagram and for some reason we like to save it or publish it. You may want to share it with your friends. Maybe you want to publish other people’s posts, as an intellectual of everything! Be always aware of what is happening in the world! Or you may want to raise awareness about an important topic. You may even want to share the post with others because it is engaging and funny! If you are an Instagram user, you know that you can not download IGTV videos, photos, stories and videos as well as Reels video from within your Instagram app, there are many ways to do this, You have to copy the URL of the video or photo or story and place that link on the video and photo download sites of Instagram and download it after seeing a lot of ads, which of course is very time consuming and painful and sometimes you are not allowed to download at all. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Browsing many websites and then downloading a simple video is just a waste of time. Sometimes these websites are not secure, because if those websites ask you for their Instagram details, your account may be blocked. If you want to download a lot of posts, it will be tedious and painful. Some users also take a screenshot of the phone screen to download Instagram photos and then crop around the photo and then save the photo in low quality, which is also very tedious. And of course, the quality of videos and photos goes down with these methods, and we do not want to lose the original quality. Instagram is a great app, but there are some limitations to this app. For example, you can not zoom in on someone’s profile picture or download photos and videos inside Instagram, today we are going to introduce you to the Instagram MOD APK 2022 – Instander MOD APK, which will solve all your problems. Be with DLPure.

Some features of Instagram MOD APK 2022 – Instander  MOD APK Android Apps:

  • Ability to copy biographical text in the clipboard
  • Ability to copy captions of posts
  • Ability to translate post caption text into multiple languages
  • Ability to translate all comments into multiple languages
  • Ability to preview posted videos
  • Ability to rewind and forward video time by holding your finger on it
  • Ability to copy comments with one click
  • Ability to enable or disable ads within Instagram
  • Ability to enable or disable statistics
  • Ability to use multiple Instagram accounts in the program
  • Ability to receive new updates from within the app
  • Added download button to photo or video options to download stories, photos and videos with one click
  • Ability to enlarge profile photos
  • Ability to download profile pictures of people
  • Has a notification counter to know the number of notifications received
  • Easy to use and hassle-free and without the problem of closing the account
  • Easily share or copy URLs of images and videos in various applications
  • Ability to zoom in on images
  • No need to root the device
  • Download stories instead of taking screenshots of them
  • Ability to download and install different themes and customize the appearance of the program
  • Ability to activate night mode (dark theme) with one click
  • Ability to change the background color of the page and insert the image for the background of the chat page
  • Completely safe
  • And many other features

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Instagram MOD APK 2022 – Instander MOD APK, with similar performance to GbInsta as well as Insta Pro, is essentially a version of the original Instagram where you can still do all the things you can on Instagram! It also gives you additional features such as downloading other people’s posts, viewing other people’s stories without displaying your name in the list of those who viewed the story, hiding your name on Instagram live, and more. What sets Instander apart from hundreds and thousands of other applications is that it not only has a lot of extra features, but it is also extremely secure. Another reason for the popularity of Instander is that it is not advertised. You must have seen that after every three or four posts on Instagram, there is an ad that sometimes gets very nerve-wracking. Instander allows you to use Instagram without annoying ads. And all these features can be done without having to root your phone or tablet like drinking water. Now that you have a little information about Instander, let’s go into the details that will surely make you feel more confident in using the apps.

Soul Mode Features in Instander MOD APK:

  • Read direct without informing the other party and show it to him
  • Disable typing mode …
  • View other side stories without displaying your name
  • Login to the other side live without showing you

Note: that these features are disabled by default and you must enable them after installing and entering the software from the settings section.

Features to increase the quality of Instagram videos and pictures:

  • Increase the quality of videos and story photos
  • Increase the quality of Reels videos
  • Increase the quality of IGTV videos
  • Improve the quality of images to the highest possible

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