iScanner MOD APK 4.1.48 (VIP)

iScanner - QRCode Barcode Scan
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iScanner - QRCode Barcode ScaniScanner - QRCode Barcode ScaniScanner - QRCode Barcode ScaniScanner - QRCode Barcode Scan

iScanner MOD APK is a versatile and convenient scanner that supports QR codes and barcodes. You can use iScanner for more information.
You can scan products online and compare prices. You can also create your own QR code to display at any time. You can also use iScanner as a QR and barcode manager.

What can iScanner MOD APK scan?

  • Product Information: Quickly get product name, specification, category, product, manufacturer and other information;
  • Price Comparison: Compare prices on mainstream e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart to help you save worry, effort and money.
  • Historical Price: Easily get the price of the corresponding product in various time periods and get the lowest price.
  • Product Search: Quickly jump to different websites to get the latest real prices.
  • Food Safety: Scan the QR code to get the ingredient list, nutritional grade and ingredient analysis of the food.
  • Book Information: Easily identify the book’s author, publisher, bio, language, release date
  • Social Media: Make QR codes for mainstream social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Email: Scan emails to send with one click, simple and convenient.
  • Phone: You can quickly get the contact information, saving time and effort.

Download FV File Pro MOD APK

iScanner MOD APK Features

Get product price
Scan products, get real prices, compare product prices, choose the best price, save money and worry.

Simple and convenient
Flexible and simple operation, easy to align the QR code and discover more interesting information.

Support more than 36 QR code and barcode formats
With our built-in reader, you can easily scan any QR code and barcode.

Quick access to Wi-Fi
Scan QR code to set credentials and connect to Wi-Fi in seconds.

Lights and Galleries
Automatically zoom and scan with light in dark environments.
You can scan QR code/Barcode from gallery.

Easy export
One-click export of scanned content to CSV/TXT format

QR code and barcode manager

  • All scan history will be saved for quick review anytime. You can save the QR code/Barcode in your phone.
  • You can save contacts in your phone.
  • You can create and manage different types of information.

iScanner only needs camera permission to protect your personal privacy.

iScanner - QRCode Barcode Scan
Download iScanner - QRCode Barcode Scan for android

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