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iTranslate – Screen Translator 5.9.2870569 (Premium)

iTranslate - Screen Translator
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iTranslate - Screen TranslatoriTranslate - Screen TranslatoriTranslate - Screen TranslatoriTranslate - Screen Translator

Sometimes, some of us need to collect information related to specific cases, and Persian language sites do not provide us with comprehensive and appropriate information. However, some foreign language websites have complete information and easily solve our need for that content! In such cases, having a translator is very necessary. iTranslate – Screen Translator is a screen translator application developed by Kr Tech for Android and published on Google Play. This Android software is a suitable option for all those who are active in social networks or who are always trying to communicate with foreign languages. The most important thing about this startup is the ability to translate any text in any program! It doesn’t matter if you are on Twitter or browsing on Instagram, the smart system will allow you to select your text, copy it and then translate it into your preferred language. The noteworthy point is the support of various languages; More than 90 different languages are supported by this program, which helps a wide range of users to easily solve their needs in the field of translation. If you are among those who are interested in reading comics, then iTranslate – Screen Translator is a good option for you. A special mode is embedded in this software, with the help of which it will be possible to read comics without any disturbance on the screen. All information is translated at the moment and placed on the screen as a floating screen. If we want to mention other available features, the translation of the texts in the photos is another one of them. This feature is such that the intelligent system easily recognizes the texts in the photo you want and after extracting the text, it will provide you with a complete translation of it. Apart from the mentioned features, the most useful of them is the offline mode; Get the language information you need to translate them completely offline if you don’t have access to the Internet.

Some features and capabilities of the iTranslate – Screen Translator Android program:

Translation of any text in any program
Support for all kinds of social networking and messenger applications
A special mode for translating comics without any disturbance in viewing the images in the comic
Floating and adjustable window to place the translation page in any part of the display
Identifying the texts in the images and their easy translation
Offline mode to translate texts without any restrictions
Support for 90 different languages worldwide

iTranslate is a professional screen translation app that supports accurate translation between over 100 languages. It also supports offline mode to save on data usage. It can translate any text in any app, and fully supports translation and text extraction from images.

iTranslate: focused on screen translation.

iTranslate is an essential translation software for social media use. With iTranslate, you can quickly translate your friend’s chat messages, foreign language blog posts, posts, websites, etc. and enjoy socializing without language barriers. No need to switch back and forth between translation software, iTranslate will instantly translate the text content in your app, making chat without borders and reading without barriers.

Powerful features of iTranslate:

App Translation
Whether it’s post/blog translation, chat conversation translation, or simple text translation, no matter which app it is: Whatsapp, YouTube, browser, or Twitter, iTranslate will instantly translate the text content in your app without the need to switch back and forth between translation software.

Chat Translation
When chatting with foreign friends using various social chat software, iTranslate will instantly translate the chat content in the dialog box; it supports translation of the dialog bubble box, input box, and clipboard text.

Floating Translation
Drag the floating ball to the position you want to translate, and immediately translate it into your language. Click the floating ball to select one-click full-screen translation to translate the entire screen for you.

Comic Mode
iTranslate has specially processed vertical text to make it easier for you to read comics in any language without language being a barrier to reading.

Collect Text
You can collect text you want to read later for easy later viewing or editing.

Photo Translation
iTranslate can not only translate text in the app, but also translate text on images using the latest text recognition AI with high accuracy.

Our app may use the Accessibility Service API to help users get text from any app and provide text translation for it. The app does not capture your personal data or invade your privacy.

Support translation between the following languages:
Afrikaans,Amharic,Arabic,Azerbaijani,Belarusian,Bulgarian,Bengali,Bosnian,Catalan,Cebuano,Corsican,Czech,Welsh,Danish,German,Greek,English,Esperanto,Spanish,Estonian,Basque,Persian,Finnish,French,Frisian,Irish,Scots Gaelic,Galician,Gujarati,Hausa,Hawaiian,Hindi,Hmong,Croatian,Haitian Creole,Hungarian,Armenian,Indonesian,Igbo,Icelandic,Italian,Hebrew,Japanese,Javanese,Georgian,Kazakh,Khmer,Kannada,Korean,Kurdish (Kurmanji),Kyrgyz,Latin,Luxembourgish,Lao,Lithuanian,Latvian,Malagasy,Maori,Macedonian,Malayalam,Mongolian,Marathi,Malay,Maltese,Myanmar (Burmese),Nepali,Dutch,Norwegian,Chichewa,Punjabi,Polish,Pashto,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Sindhi,Sinhala,Slovak,Slovenian,Samoan,Shona,Somali,Albanian,Serbian,Sesotho,Sundanese,Swedish,Swahili,Tamil,Telugu,Tajik,Thai,Filipino,Turkish,Ukrainian,Urdu,Uzbek,Vietnamese,Xhosa,Yiddish,Yoruba,Chinese,Chinese (Simplified),Chinese (Traditional),Zulu

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to:

iTranslate - Screen Translator
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