JSON & XML Tool (Premium) 0.23.1 (Paid)

JSON & XML Tool (Premium)
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JSON & XML Tool Premium – Creator, Editor & Viewer is a practical application for viewing, editing and creating JSON and XML files, developed by ViBO and published on Google Play. Files with json extension. Known as JSON files, it stands for JavaScript Object Notation and means object notation language in JavaScript and is used for data transfer. These files also require special tools to run or edit. Normally, users use the Windows operating system to make changes in such files! However, in some cases, this operating system may not be accessible and you need to quickly make your desired changes. As you know, we use our smartphones for hours during the day; So these smartphones can be a suitable option for editing this category of files. JSON & XML Tool Premium – Creator, Editor & Viewer software with a simple environment will allow you to easily run all types of JSON and XML files and make your desired changes in them. One of the most important features of this startup that attracts everyone’s attention is the way this group of files is displayed; In such a way that the codes are shown in a special way and this helps to make changes in them as easily as possible. There are several different methods to call your desired files, the most common of which is to select this category of files through internal memory or external memory! However, if the files you need are not stored in your phone’s memory, just enter their URL, so that the software will receive them automatically. In addition, you will be able to see a preview of your files before saving them.

Some features and capabilities of JSON & XML Tool Premium – Creator, Editor & Viewer for Android:

View, edit or create all types of JSON and XML files
Calling files through internal memory or external memory
The possibility of receiving the files you need through URL
Rename node elements
An option to resize the value of the node element
Easy transfer of elements in arrays
View a preview of files before saving them

The JSON & XML Tool Premium app lets you view, create and edit JSON and XML files with ease, by using its simple hierarchical view. The tool is useful for various scenarios, for example, it lets you edit and make game addons. In addition, the app can be used for conversion between types, for example, loading a JSON and then saving it as an XML.

The app uses the storage browser provided by the SAF (Storage Access Framework) and does not require storage permissions (read-and-write access). However, the app will request storage permissions in some cases, such as when a file was loaded using an external file picker without providing proper access.

View a JSON / XML File

  • Load a file using the internal file picker (Storage Access Framework)
  • Load a file using an external file picker (might require storage permissions)
  • Download from the web by providing a URL
  • Paste text and parse it
  • Receive the text of the file from other applications (via ACTION_SEND)
  • Create a new file from scratch

Edit a JSON / XML File

  • Rename node elements
  • Modify node element value
  • Easily switch between value types: Boolean, Number & String
  • Add, duplicate & remove node elements
  • Move elements up & down within an array
  • Save as a new file or overwrite the current one

Additional Features

  • Dark theme support
  • Share the JSON / XML text to an external application (via ACTION_SEND)
  • Preview as text
  • Formatted text output instead of a single line
  • The app registers itself as a JSON / XML file handler upon installation
  • Export as a PDF document
  • Extract and transform elements using the JMESPath query language
JSON & XML Tool (Premium)
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