Kettlebell Home Workout 2.06 (Premium)

Kettlebell Home Workout
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Kettlebell Home WorkoutKettlebell Home WorkoutKettlebell Home WorkoutKettlebell Home Workout

Kettlebell Home Workout is a wonderful and effective program in the field of bodybuilding and doing exercises with kettlebells at home, a product of AxiomMobile for Android, which is available for free with in-app payment on Google Play, and now its latest full version is in front of you. contract. If you are looking for an exercise app to build muscle and increase your strength, Kettlebell Home Workout is what you need. Just download this Android application and install it on your phone. Perhaps the most important factor in success in bodybuilding exercises is the program; Having a specialized program and doing exercises regularly is very important and determines the difference between success and failure. Not having a detailed plan, in addition to failing to achieve general goals, can even cause you to get hurt. There are two main questions in any bodybuilding program. The first is to perform a certain movement in several sets and the second is to combine which movements to get the most efficiency in your training session. A good and accurate program is determined according to the physical characteristics and goals of each person; If the desired program does not fit your characteristics, you will get tired after a while and you will not reach your goals.. In the Kettlebell Home Workout application, you determine your physical condition and your goal of doing exercises before starting work, and with professional programs which will be delivered to you based on your physical condition, you will reach your goal soon! Despite the importance of the mentioned items, many people do not use the program to do their exercises. The most important reasons for not using the program are things like high costs, not having an expert trainer, or not knowing the importance of having a program. The Kettlebell Home Workout application will provide you with a simple and regular program with a few simple clicks. This program also has an attractive design and user interface that makes working with it very easy.

Some features of Kettlebell Home Workout Android app:

Ready training programs
Description of different exercises for each muscle group
Audio feedback
Historical history of Bajzayat
Achieving strong muscles and a fit body

Build muscle and gain strength with kettlebell workout.

Download the app and get everything you need:

  • Preset training plan
  • Illustrated exercises for each muscle group
  • Voice feedback
  • Detailed history
  • Beautiful, fit body and strong muscles


Select a weight that you’re comfortable with.
Only increase the weight when a set starts to feel as though it’s not challenging you anymore.

Kettlebell Home Workout
Download Kettlebell Home Workout for android

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