Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool) 2.9.1 (Mod)

Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)
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Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)

We are putting in your hands this exciting game that introduces a set of brain exercises for preschool kids, toddlers, babies.
It’s an excellent and beneficial preschool learning app with a lot of different activities merged into one app!
It also can be convenient and interesting for adults, elders and children with special needs who have either mental or physical disabilities. Parents, teachers, or other professionals working in the field of child development can use this app!

With kids brain trainer (preschool) your son/daughter will earn a lot of educational skills such as:

  • match an image to its shadow.
  • find the odd image in a collection of images.
  • match images to its families.
  • memory game; match cards.
    And much more….

This awesome game completely clean entertainment designed for kids, this game proves to be the best kids’ game to help your child grow, learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off.

With four fun, colorful and educational themes, kids brain trainer (preschool) has 144 knowledge provides games ,to contribute to, exercise and develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills, such as:

  • Building a numerous vocabulary and develop speech abilities.
  • Visual attention
  • Visual-spatial relations
  • Short term memory
  • Visual-motor coordination, eye-hand coordination
  • Bi-lateral coordination, tactile skills and much more…

Unique features:

  • High-quality pictures and images.
  • Simple child-friendly interface.
  • Entertaining cheerful background music.
  • Easy navigation between puzzles by clicking back arrow!
  • High sensitivity and easy movement of puzzles’ pieces across the screen positive visual feedback.
  • Joyful stickers and awards.
  • Rich animations, pronunciations, sound effects, and interactivity to encourage
    speed repetitive learning. like: balloons, stars, gold medals.

Developed by a preschoolers father and a children development specialist, kids brain trainer (preschool) aims to be as useful and educational as possible; and being fathers themselves, these developers know how important -and tricky- it can be to keep children interested while learning. The game is updated at least twice a month!

kids brain trainer (preschool) includes four fun-packed parts with a number of colorfully themed and leveled games:

  1. Match It!: 24 exciting games of matching a picture to the figure provided including animals and their sounds, shapes, vehicles, colors, food, sports, tools, matching shadows, directions, emotions, patterns
  2. Puzzles: 48 mind-exercising levels of matching a figure to its shadow including wild and farm animals, insects, daily actions, food and more!
  3. memory: 24 colorful games of delightful memory cards; each game of three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard. (with or without a timer). Cards including: birds, vegetables and fruits, vehicles, jobs and profession, alphabet and numbers, toys and dolls, face expressions, see creatures and much more!
  4. differences: 48 fun levels of identifying the image that does not belong. Challenging cards with various categories: patterns, expressions, shadows, animals and much more!

Safe playing experience:

Our goal at Kideo is to provide the best value for your children. Our free apps contains ads which have been chosen and filtered carefully by our team! because we ourselves parents, we care about ours and yours children safety while using the net! We have developed a special filtering mode for that purpose.
Yet, you always have an option to purchase the game!

Feedback and suggestions:

We are always here to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the design and interaction of our apps and games.
Your review is so important to us in order to keep improving and updating our apps and games continuously!!
Contact us at :
Reveal your child’s brilliance and encourage his brain grow. Download kids brain trainer (preschool) today!

Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)
Download Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool) for android

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