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Kingdom Story: Brave Legion
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Kingdom Story uses an auto-battle system, where groups of up to six characters battle, use special moves and attributes, and depending on who they can do/who they are, can create sick combos and synergies. do There are also several modes to unlock, in addition to special events like Domination, where you conquer Chinese cities and hold them for rewards. There are goals and objectives to hit, and some cities will be too powerful for you to tackle in the early stages. But once you’ve had a chance to get into the game and level up your characters/Monarch, you fight for one of three factions, Shu, Wu, or Wei, and you get the starting characters that fit that faction. You probably won’t start with Guan Yu if you follow Wu etc.

First you have to choose a faction. Each storyline has a map and each map has levels that have 3 battles/stages. Characters fight each other and you can easily turn on autobattle, which will use special abilities as soon as the meter fills up.

The stages are pretty standard: fight officers and soldiers and fight a boss in the final stage. You can get up to three stars in a stage and another three stars for the Elite/Expert version. The regular and elite map both have rewards you can get based on your star collection. The game takes your hand a bit and suggests things to do to help you learn the game, which is definitely helpful.

You start with a small walled area, made of wood and a few complexes. You can clear the land for a price and tear down those walls and put new walls behind them to hide farms, mines and more. You can also upgrade the walls from wood to stone, which seems to be primarily cosmetic at least at this point. You can upgrade structures based on your Monarch level. You can upgrade your castle to level 2 at 20 Monarch, and then you can upgrade your structures a bit higher, which takes time like any building game. You can increase it with currency or you can wait. When it comes to food, those farms are incredibly important. Over time you can get gold from the mines/food from the mines and so you go through stages.

There are also PVP modes where players compete for prizes and a survival mode where characters are not reusable. Fortunately, there’s a huge roster of characters to unlock, upgrade, and evolve, so building a massive army never gets old.

If you have two copies of a character, you can level them up by combining them, you can sacrifice characters to gain exp, or use different characters of the same or even rarer characters to increase the character’s power. There are a hell of a lot of different ways to get powerful, but luckily the game explains when possible. However, this is still a mobile game. Yes, there are microtransactions. Free games need these to make a profit. But there is a small matter that playing with them hits your head.

There are plenty of scrolls to summon new heroes to your team, or you can spend currency, but summoning special events will cost you a few in-game ducats. However, they aren’t hard to get through achievements and gameplay, so go for it. It’s a small fee and I don’t think it costs anything to win. You can collect thousands of damn soldiers to sacrifice your better characters and enter race winning officers. Speaking of gear, you get bits and pieces of gear from matches and combine them to get new and interesting things for your characters.

– The story of the three kingdoms is done in a comic way.
– Lots of synergies, combinations, and lots of historical figures


Some features of Kingdom Story: Brave Legion Android game MOD APK  :

  • The existence of the greatest and most famous Chinese warriors
  • Build and customize your base
  • Compete against other players
  • The presence of all types of archers and warriors, each with different skills and abilities
  • Mix and match fighters in the best way
Kingdom Story: Brave Legion
Download Kingdom Story: Brave Legion for android

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