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Learn Korean with flashcards!
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Learn Korean with flashcards!Learn Korean with flashcards!Learn Korean with flashcards!Learn Korean with flashcards!

ReWord is a highly effective Korean learning app. It is your best tool to learn Korean vocabulary and improve your Korean language skills. Did you know you can learn languages just taking 5-10 minutes a day? With our spaced repetition system, your Korean lessons will reach a new level. And will give you greater results, of course!

As with any other language, Korean lessons must include learning Korean grammar and memorizing new Korean words. However, one of the problems with foreign language learning is you can’t achieve good results if you don’t systematize the memorizing.
With ReWord, you get a dedicated system and will memorize new Korean words without much effort on your part.

ReWord Features:

  • 5000 words vocabulary. Thousands of Korean words and phrases divided into thematic categories: choose the category you want to learn this time and change it whenever you want.
  • Add your own flashcards and categories easily: you can create your own word base you want to master first.
  • Handy Korean flashcards with pictures and example sentences: helpful mental shortcuts to build your Korean vocabulary and understand the nuances of word meaning and how these words are used in real practice.
  • Spaced repetitions really work: ReWord has a science-based approach to memorizing foreign words so you can learn languages at the highest efficiency.
  • Tracking your progress: set your daily goal and keep achieving it every day.
  • Offline mode: now it is possible to learn Korean wherever you go.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a Korean learning app for beginners or advanced learners, with ReWord, memorizing new words is extremely easy and utterly efficient for everyone!

Use the app at least twice a day, a few hours apart. Start with just five Korean words a day and you will have at least 1,825 new words in your active vocabulary within a year. Increase your daily goal, take more Korean language lessons, and you will accelerate your progress and learn Korean language even faster.
ReWord – your best foreign language learning app! We are here to help you learn languages in a hassle-free way! Start to speak Korean!

Learn Korean with flashcards!
Download Learn Korean with flashcards! for android

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