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Lily’s Garden - Design & Match
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Lily’s Garden MOD APK is a puzzle game from Tactile Games studio, published on Dlpure. In this Android game you have to help Lily restore her big garden to its former glory. So as Lily you have to communicate with different characters. Collect flowers in hundreds of levels with unique puzzles and discover secrets. Also, you have to eliminate them by matching similar shapes and thus grow and expand your garden in unique places and customize it.

How is the story of Lily’s Garden game?

If you are looking for a game that has a romantic element along with taking care of a large garden with your own hands and solving good and exciting puzzles, Lily’s Garden is a great choice. This game is completely free and suitable for all ages, from young to old. The goal of the game is to take care of the garden full of poetry and romance and solve the difficult puzzles that the game offers.

Lily’s Garden Android game

Together to improve the garden with Lily
Coming to Lily’s Garden, players are tasked with helping the beautiful Lily restore her aunt’s garden to its original beauty. In this process, this game offers puzzles to challenge the players, use the combination of flowers to solve the puzzles that the game offers. Overcome the puzzles together, listen to Lily tell about a love story full of romance but many hidden problems.

Continue to clean and redecorate the garden. Plant more flowers to decorate the garden or the player can rebuild the garden according to the patterns of the game to make the garden as beautiful and magnificent as possible. Players will experience and explore mysterious areas. There will be hundreds of flowers in hundreds of different colors for players to choose from for their garden renovation and decoration projects.

Some interesting features
The garden in Lily Garden will be completely renovated. The garden expands, more places are chosen for players with new and unique decorations. Are you ready to remake everything in your own style? Here you can manage your property with a garden full of flowers, beautiful fountains and cute pets like dogs, cats etc.?

To level up, you have to overcome the challenges that the game presents, which are confusing but exciting puzzles. To overcome those puzzles, use your wits and lucky stars to overcome and perfect your design ideas. In addition, you will hear beautiful stories and Lily says; These dialogues will surely make you feel happy and relaxed to immerse yourself in the garden of love with Lily.

Hot events and prizes
Not only will you participate in the game, but you will meet many other players. Every day there will be events that the game offers. To earn prizes in that event, players must participate in tournaments that bring together many other players to compete. Try to win and bring the prize back to your beloved garden.

Lily’s Garden brings a sense of fun and charm and full of romantic and relaxing moments to the players. Here, players can finally make new friends, get to know each other and work with everyone. Renovate and decorate the beautiful garden together, overcome puzzles and challenges to bring home many exciting gifts. This game will continue to be updated with more puzzles and many good features for players to experience.

Key Features
Join a family to engage with other players, communicate with them, trade lives and game boosters!
Participate in daily specials to win awesome prizes! Enter contests to increase your chances of winning.
Relax and immerse yourself in a romantic romance full of fun and meaningful dialogue!
Discover hidden artifacts, hundreds of flowers and secret areas as you explore the garden.
Enjoy the twists and turns of the story line by discovering hidden secrets!
Match flowers and complete hundreds of levels in this addictive blitz puzzle game!
Renovate, decorate and expand your garden using unique locations that relate to the layout!

Some features of Lily’s Garden MOD APK Android game:

  • Grow and expand your garden in unique locations
  • Collect flowers
  • Hundreds of addictive stages
  • 3D animated characters
  • Meet your friends
  • Matching similar shapes
  • Discover secrets and customize your garden
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Lily’s Garden - Design & Match
Download Lily’s Garden - Design & Match for android

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