Logcat Extreme MOD APK 1.65 (Pro)

Logcat Extreme MOD APK 1.65 (Pro)

Logcat Extreme is an enhanced Logcat/Dmesg reader and Logcat recorder which comes with a rich set of features and handy user interface.

Please note: Logcat Extreme requires root access or READ_LOGS permission to show logs properly. For non-rooted devices, in order to grant the READ_LOGS permission connect to a computer & copy/paste the following ADB command:
“adb shell pm grant scd.lcex android.permission.READ_LOGS”

Please note: From Android 4.1 onwards ANY logcat app needs root access in order to show logs properly.

New user interface (update 1.5):

the UI has been dramatically improved, again. Now more polished, user friendly, pure material design. All with the aim to bring a top quality app for your logcats.

Introducing “Floating Logcat” (update 1.1):
a new wonderful feature powered by StandOut, it allows you to keep the logcat on top right while you’re working on your device, perfect for your tests! the logcat is shown inside a window you can move, resize and even minimize, just like a desktop one.

  • Read live logcat
  • Pause and resume
  • Record (even in background)
  • Send logs via mail
  • Apply filters (priority level, format, etc.)
  • Search box for quick filtering
  • Many options to configure the logcat
  • Read the kernel’s debug messages (dmesg)
  • Intuitive controls to access all the features with easy
  • New “Per-app Logcat” feature!
  • Revolutionary “Floating Logcat” feature!
  • Floating window resizable even with pintch-to-zoom


  • In order to start a new Floating Logcat session tap the last button on the right (bottom bar).
  • In order to resize the Floating Logcat drag the bottom-right corner of the window.

Devs corner:

Starting from version 1.3, devs can use intent actions and extras in order to launch the
logcat recorder directly from their apps:

“scd.lcex.ACTION_REC” start recording

“scd.lcex.ACTION_STOP” stop recording and service associated

“scd.lcex.EXTRA_FILTER” logcat filter (string, optional), use in conjunction with ACTION_REC

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