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Lucidity Level: Lucid Dreaming Tool/Dream Journal v5.4.0

Imagine being fully conscious and aware while you are dreaming – full control and vividness surpassing your waking reality. This is just some of the potential Lucid Dreaming has to offer, having a lucid dream is simply being aware of the fact your are dreaming.

It can be difficult to measure your lucid dreaming progress – if you are not having as many lucid dreams as you expect it can feel like you may be off track or are not progressing. Fortunately Lucidity Level has a unique way of tracking your progress, your level will increase as your dream journal expands. You will have a complete guide to all the techniques you need, plus more! Featuring cloud supported Dream Journal, Journal password protection, Reminder tools, WILD Anchor Tool & custom auto dismiss alarms. Everything you could possibly need at your finger tips!

Lucidity Level Features

Cloud supported Dream Journal

Automatically or manually sync to the cloud so your dreams will follow you from phone to phone.

 Dream Journal password protection

Protect your privacy by enabling password protection for your journal.

Advanced Journal or Standard Journal

Switch journal mode to advanced and log even more details.

Automatic Dream Summary

While in advanced journal, dream summaries will be dynamically created based upon your dream.

Quests can be unlocked as you level up, each quest is designed to help improve your abilities and progressively challenge you.

Lucid Challenges

Complete Monthly lucid dream challenges or predefined set lists of challenges designed to increase your skills and experiences while lucid.


Everyone loves looking at graphs! Check your progress through the statistics panel to see how much you have improved.

Dream Assistant

Use your dream assistant for reality checks & your lucid dreaming questions (Optionally you can also disable your assistant).

Tag Your Dreams

Add tags to dreams to easily identify patterns.

Dreamsign Search

Search for your dreamsigns without the extra junk. Dreamsigns excludes as many false positives from your dreamsigns as possible and reviews common tags.

Auto Dismissing WILD Alarms

Create custom alarms with adjustable auto dismiss & fade time. Perfect for ‘CAN-WILD Technique’.

Complete Technique Guide

Detailed guide to multiple lucid dreaming techniques, even some obscured techniques are detailed giving you the best chance at lucidity!

WILD Anchor Tool

Set up custom vibrations to help guide you consciously to the dream world.

MILD Trainer

Easily learn MILD technique by improving your prospective memory with this tool.

Reality Check Reminders

Never forget to reality check, set the interval and time window to suit.

ADA Reminder

Maintain awareness all day with a persistent ADA reminder.

Morning Dream Journal Reminder

Set a time to be silently reminded to record your dreams.

Export your Dream Journal

Export function if you wish to keep a copy of your dream journal for viewing on PC or simply as a text file.

Lucidity Level Community

Join the community, discuss lucid dreaming. Request help or help others.

No Ads!

Expect an Ad free experience.

Lucid dreaming is accessible to everyone, it is a skill that does take time to develop. If you are persistent, it is only a matter of time before you have your first lucid dream – the time this takes will vary according to the individual. This app was made and designed by one person – a Lucid Dreamer. I am very open to adding new features or improvements. For contact you can email from within the app.

Nov 29, 2018
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Developer: Creationz Lab
November 30, 2021
5.0 and up
Latest Version: 5.4.0
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4.6 92 total


More functionality to export, now you can reverse the order or export only lucid dreams to a text file.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the phone would not stay awake during WILD Anchor.
- Fixed an export issue where dream order was not correctly exported in some cases.

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