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Magic Hop – EDM & Dancing MOD APK v2.5.4

Magic Hop: EDM & Dancing
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Magic Hop: EDM & DancingMagic Hop: EDM & DancingMagic Hop: EDM & DancingMagic Hop: EDM & Dancing

Magic Hop – EDM & Dancing MOD APK is a musical game from the game studio Badsnowball Limited, in the style of games like Dancing Ball Saga: Music Tap , Dancing Ballz: Magic Tiles and… which we have previously introduced to you in Dlpure. In Magic Jump, you can save all kinds of music in different styles and singers such as rap, EDM, rock, etc. in your playlist or listen to all the songs in the playlist. To be able to control the movement of the ball, slide your finger on the screen and jump on the tiles correctly, while also being careful of the traps. If you love music style games then don’t miss this game. So listen to the music and tap the screen at the right time and challenge yourself. Tap according to the rhythm and move your ball and follow the rhythm and the path and you have to be careful not to fall or hit the traps and by completing each stage you earn points and go to the next stage. Here you can play without time limit and have fun for hours.

What will you experience in Magic Hop: EDM & Dancing?
Magic Hop is a game that can give its players enjoyable and relaxing experiences. If you are a music lover and looking for a music game that can entertain you in your spare time, this is a game you should not miss. With this game, you can enjoy great music and participate in exciting challenges that await you.

The gameplay is simple but very attractive
With games that are designed to provide the best entertainment experience to its players, the gameplay will be a feature that needs special attention. A game that has its own engaging gameplay can attract players even with new players at their first entry. And the creators of the game have also given their players a game that combines movement and music.

Magic Hop gives you a ball and your task is to control it so that it can move smoothly between consecutive jumping cells. The controls will be very simple by moving your finger on the screen and the ball will move with your finger. You have to move them exactly to the designed squares and if the ball goes out of the field, you will lose and immediately, the game will stop.

Enjoy your favorite music
In addition to having an attractive gameplay, the game will be able to blend in with the right music in your game. The in-game ball perfectly matches the beat of the music with rhythms that move between consecutive squares. Before starting the game screen, the music you choose also affects your ball control experience.

Magic Hop has also equipped its players with a special music system that they can enjoy in the game. This game has prepared you with many different genres of popular music for you to choose for your game. The internal songs will be big songs from top singers like Imagine Dragons, Justin Bieber, Lisa, BLACKPINK and BTS and many more.

Key Features
This game gives its players the best entertainment experience with integrated music.
How the game works is designed with a ball that continuously jumps with the jump tiles that appear one after the other.
The player’s task is to control the ball so that it can reach the next bounce box with absolute accuracy.
The speed of the game gradually increases in your game so that you can challenge the abilities and skills of the player.
A system has been created with a lot of famous music for players to experience their game.

Some features of the Magic Hop EDM & Dancing MOD APK Android game :

  • Play relaxing music
  • Easy and addictive gameplay
  • Has different song styles including world songs and your favorite music

VIP version features :

  • No ads
  • Ability to open more than 200 songs
  • Open the hottest song
  • Play the game without stopping
Magic Hop: EDM & Dancing
Download Magic Hop: EDM & Dancing for android

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