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Magnum3 MOD APK v1.0572

Magnum3.0 Gun Custom Simulator
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Magnum3.0 is an action game from Sublogic game studio, released for free on Dlpure, a worldwide gun simulator. You can customize your weapon parts and enjoy realistic sounds and movements. This app is different from all the apps that only shoot by tapping on the screen. When you first install and start the game it will explain how to do it and also teach you how to use the gun.

What do you experience in the Magnum3.0 game?
If you are a fan of shooting guns, don’t hesitate to explore the Magnum 3.0 custom gun simulator. This place opens up a world of gun design simulation and precision shooting experience. Here, you will have no opposition. The person you have to overcome is your own courage and progress. This game is the only portal that opens unique tutorials where you can directly assemble each part to build a complete rifle.

Immerse yourself in the detailed and intricate images
The visuals you admire when you arrive at Magnum 3.0 Gun Custom Simulator are considered beyond words—in front of your eyes are minute details in every episode, vividly depicted that are no different from reality. In particular, every line on the bullets or even information that shows other guns will amaze you with our accuracy.

Magnum Android game

Experience the real feeling when handling the gun
It doesn’t stop there, the real feeling like when the player touches a real gun also depends on the massive audio system support. In addition to the soundtrack during gameplay, you can also enjoy various sounds while performing precise gun mounting maneuvers. When you pick up a gun or load ammo into the ammo bar, every sound is perfectly synchronized, making the player feel incredibly excited.

Complete missions to earn rewards and points
Before you start exploring and conquering the process of completing a rifle, we’ll give you objectives for each level with each other’s rifles. Suppose you perform the correct operation along with hitting the target after completion. Then the game won’t regret giving you the proud bonus points along with the ever-increasing skill points, which will come in handy in the later rounds.

Weapon upgrade
With points, when you reach a certain level, Magnum 3.0 Gun Custom Simulator can help you use them in exchange for newer and more sophisticated weapons. Along with those features, the power of destruction is also very superior. Not stopping here, we can also bring you legendary weapons that have been recorded in history. What’s more amazing is that you can own and use them. Thanks to it, the fame and level of conquering your gun to new heights.

The appearance of legendary weapons
Let’s take a look at the gun genres and some of the most popular gun lines that Magnum 3.0 Gun Custom Simulator has. Including Revolvers with many famous names such as Taurus Raging Bull, S&W M29. In addition, the game also provides you with different types of semi-automatic pistols or pistols and machine guns. Especially during the game you can customize the parts to your liking which creates unique guns with your personal color.

Enter the lab with hundreds of professional rifles from simple to complex to give you a realistic experience.
You will be able to disassemble the gun or put the ammunition in the ammunition compartment and enjoy the beautiful images with beautiful sounds.
The player has the right to modify or customize the structure and arrangement of the original pieces by adding or removing new pieces.
After completing the correct requirements and the most accurate gun operation, get bonus points along with unlimited accumulated points.
Use the rewards to buy more new weapons, more modern, powerful and equally sophisticated new parts.

Some features of Magnum3.0 Android game:

  • Realistic gun simulator: single action, double action and open and close trigger system and weapon mechanism
  • Realistic sound effects and great sound
    Enjoy the great sound of firing as well as cocking etc
  • User-friendly tutorials
  • The existence of a variety of outstanding weapons
  • Press the hint button to get support
  • The possibility of shooting in the special shooting range
  • Customize your gun using its parts and field of view in a shooting area
Magnum3.0 Gun Custom Simulator
Download Magnum3.0 Gun Custom Simulator for android

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