MarineTraffic ship positions 4.0.46 (Patched)

MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking
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MarineTraffic - Ship TrackingMarineTraffic - Ship TrackingMarineTraffic - Ship TrackingMarineTraffic - Ship TrackingMarineTraffic - Ship Tracking

MarineTraffic displays near real-time positions of ships and yachts worldwide.
Connected to the largest network of land-based AIS receivers, the app covers most major ports and shipping routes.

  •  View VESSELS ON THE LIVE MAP, search for ships, boats and seaports and see what’s near you!
  •  More than 100,000 VESSELS PER DAY report their positions via MarineTraffic AIS
  •  View live wind and 48-hour WIND FORECASTS on the map
  •  ANIMATED PLAYBACK of vessel’s track
  •  PORT ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES live for over 4,000 ports and marinas, current conditions in ports and estimated time of arrival for the boats & ships.
  •  Manage your list of vessels (“MY FLEET”), shared with all your devices and
  •  Browse 2,5 MILLION PHOTOS of ships, harbours, lighthouses and much more!


Identify and track vessels sailing beyond the range of land-based AIS receiving stations, using satellite tracking, with ACCESS PLUS 24 (in-app purchase)

Identify vessels around you at a glance with the Augmented Reality tool (in-app purchase)
Just point your device’s camera to the horizon and get all the information you need about the vessels in your area: name, flag, speed, distance from you and a lot more.

Also, for MarineTraffic paying subscribers:


Join the great MarineTraffic community!

** If you’re only interested in a specific area, please confirm coverage on before purchasing the app **

MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking
Download MarineTraffic - Ship Tracking for android

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