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Merge Dragons! MOD APK v10.4.0

Merge Dragons!
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Merge Dragons MOD APK  is a puzzle game from the game studio Gram Games Limited, which has been released on the Android market for free. Discover legendary dragons and magic. Complete various missions and discover the secrets of the mysterious lands. In a mystical world hidden in the clouds, a valley of dragons thrives. The only thing this land is based on is your magical powers. Save it by matching dragon eggs, trees, treasures, magical flowers and even mythical creatures. Match the eggs and help the dragons to evolve and discover stronger dragons. Explore many challenging puzzle stages and win the statue of Gaia and grow your camp by earning various prizes. And at the end of your journey you have to destroy the evil Zomblins.

Merge Dragons! Unique garden design with trees and some broken items left behind. Under the clouds lies the story of the magic clan’s torment. They have intense conflicts with hordes of hateful zombies. Here they wreak havoc and leave rubble. Combine objects of the same type in a group of 3 to recreate this flourish. The new version supports more exotic dragons that hatch from eggs!

About the game:
With a collection of over 500 different items, players have more time to find, own and combine pieces in Merge Dragons! The whole challenge set in rounds puts you in a tough situation. However, you can freely move the blocks to create very magical combinations. Upgrade your surroundings to a new level and use them for different purposes.

Merge the dragon
To encounter the Life Essence, gently tap its cover to release the energy and all of its contents. Each level has a mysterious statue of Gaia that contains more special stories. In this sequence of activities, face 900 missions to challenge yourself. Time the tests to find your hidden speed. Unlimited items, unlimited objects, combine to create cool things! More items to find and more tasks to complete.

Build a magical empire
If Merge Dragons is your kind of magical camp look, all the better. Based on the accumulated capital and accompanying items, let’s start building the first bastion under the clouds. Watch out for monstrous mists that block your vision. Fight the evil forces trying to prevent the regeneration of this dead land. Free a magical empire with skill and build homes for dragons!

Look, in addition to the remains, there are some eggs with strange designs. Combine them and bring them out in the lab to bring home the most beautiful dragons. They are given houses by you and build dragon islands. Return the favor by driving out those who dare to destroy the kingdom. In addition, the appearance of many dragons also used their power to push the fog. More than 37 species and hundreds of variations, dragons are everywhere and help humans a lot in harvesting and fighting.

Connect with friends
Experience the joy of Merge Dragons more fully by completing the synchronization steps with the external account. Have meaningful activities in this land and heal the dragon island! Find your friends after visiting new places, consult their strategies and learn valuable lessons.

Start building and collecting
Merge Dragons always welcomes you to the Forgotten Land and rebuilds together from the ruins. There is the practical activity of reproducing dragon breeds by hatching eggs. Give the dragon a roof, create a dragon island with more member participation. Start missions received in the mailbox and beat our hard level system. It’s great that after each experience, you can write a review and comment below!


Some features of Merge Dragons Android game MOD APK  :

  • Discover more than 500 wonderful objects to match
  • Match everything like plants, buildings, treasures, stars, magical objects, legendary creatures, etc.
  • Discover the statues of Gaia on every level of the earth
  • Discover 17 breeds of dragons
  • Grow your dragon through 8 stages to evolve and create a new dragon
  • More than 600 challenging missions
  • Solve puzzles in more than 140 stages
  • Earn new rewards to help build the camp
  • Discover hidden stages
  • Completely offline and without the need for internet
Merge Dragons!
Download Merge Dragons! for android

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