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Mobile Legends – Adventure MOD APK v1.1.364

Mobile Legends: Adventure
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Mobile Legends: AdventureMobile Legends: AdventureMobile Legends: AdventureMobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends – Adventure MOD APK is a role-playing game from the Moonton game studio, published on Dlpure for free, with a huge world map and stories of heroes. Deploy your team and have your heroes automatically battle for you to earn great rewards and resources. Join this wonderful adventure and choose from many strategies and fight by choosing from dozens of heroes with 6 different powers. Battle using your unique strategy and collect your symbols and equipment. All kinds of battles are waiting for you, so challenge your strength and fight stronger bosses and thus successfully pass the stages one after another. Enter the battlefield to challenge other players and fight with other players from around the world. Create an alliance with your friends and challenge the bosses of other alliances. So go on an adventure in the land of magic and unlock legends and participate in the eternal war of darkness and light.

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a turn-based combat game where players form a team of five different characters and destroy the enemies ahead. Each character has different roles, situations and strengths to fit into the right lines. At the same time, their power can be increased over time to deal with stronger enemies, especially in PVP mode.

Protect the world from chaos and sins
In Mobile Legends: Adventure, the story is about the Land of the Dawn, which is threatened by Satan. The Land of Dawn was created by a supreme god who symbolizes creation and prosperity, but as time passes, evil emerges. They want to take everything we have and burn everything they can find. Therefore, the Land of the Rising is facing inevitable destruction, and the only way to fight it is to gather heroes with strong powers.

Players control a team and engage in battles to protect the Land of the Rising, and these battles focus entirely on the tactical element. In particular, players create different strategies from the characters they control and use their potential. Victory is achieved only when all enemies are completely destroyed and you play the role of an observer and make important decisions in the game.

Overcome challenging battles
As you prepare to go into official battle in Mobile Legends: Adventure, you must build your team of characters. The game offers three lanes and allows five characters to join the battle simultaneously. At the same time, each line can only have a maximum of 2 characters, so you can add as many characters as you want, and usually each line is associated with one character type. For example, characters with defensive abilities will usually come first.

Enemy composition also affects character position selection in PVE games. You know the characteristics of the enemy formation, and vulnerable characters must retreat to the last line. After completing the selection process, you can start the level and turn on auto mode to have the battle happen automatically. Also, the character’s energy bar is replenished through the attack process, allowing you to use their unique ability.

When a character is eligible to use a special ability, the player will see a light around their portrait and you can tap on the portrait to activate the skill. Each character’s skills are often different, so you have to learn clearly in the process of using the character’s power. At the same time, if you use auto mode during the game, the character will certainly use skills automatically without following any tactics.

Collect powerful characters
When you play a strategy game like Mobile Legends: Adventure, you need to upgrade strong squads with new characters. The enemy’s strength will change over time, so you have to find a way to fight them. At the same time, after summoning new characters, you should continue to increase their power by leveling up and providing them with the best equipment. Useful with a turn-based combat game.

Don’t miss the challenging PVP battles when you are confident in your strength. The combat mechanics are still the same as in PVE, but some changes need to be noticed by players. Enemy strength will be unpredictable and of course you can only arrange formation through attribute because enemy formation cannot be seen. At the same time, PVP battles will often be more intense than PVE.

Players travel to the Land of the Dawn and take on the task of protecting it from evil:
Players will be accompanied by heroes of impressive power and form a team to destroy the enemies they see.
In the PVE mode, they can see the formation of the enemy and create appropriate tactics in arranging formations and using power.
The game offers players an auto mode where characters can attack automatically and special skills are used when eligible.
Characters with different characteristics and attack power will have a certain line and you have to increase their power over time.
In PVP battles, players think of attack strategies that suit their character because they don’t know the shape and strength of the enemy.


Some features of Mobile Legends: Adventure MOD APK Android game :

  •  Get great resources
  •  Relaxing gameplay
  •  Battle heroes automatically
  •  Choose from many strategies
  •  Collect symbols and equipment
  •  Dozens of heroes from 6 different powers
  •  Including all kinds of endless and challenging stages
  •  Challenging players from around the world
  •  Create an alliance with your friends
  •  Unlock legends
Mobile Legends: Adventure
Download Mobile Legends: Adventure for android

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