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Money Manager: Expense tracker
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Money Manager: Expense trackerMoney Manager: Expense trackerMoney Manager: Expense trackerMoney Manager: Expense tracker

Everyone has a personal income and expenses according to their job and work activities. Sometimes, high expenses make us not know what our money is spent on, which somehow delays success in life. The best suggestion for monitoring these costs is to use Android startups. Money Manager – Expense Tracker, Personal Finance is a personal budget control and planning application developed by Vitaliy Panov and published on Google Play. By providing users with access to a set of facilities, this software allows you to have a smart monitoring of your income and expenses and to save a significant amount of money. Several diverse features are available in this program, and its support for several different currencies can be considered one of the best; In this case, you can enter personal income and expenses in any currency and you don’t need to convert anymore. At the beginning of each month, year, or week, specify a specific budget and consider a limit for it so that this limit prevents your extra expenses. All short banking messages received by the above app will be analyzed and their information will be saved.

Some features and capabilities of the Money Manager – Expense Tracker, Personal Finance Android program:

Create several different accounts and manage them simultaneously without any interference
Smart multi-currency system to avoid confusion
Creating different categories to organize expenses and income
Determine the amount of the budget and create a limit to avoid additional costs
Professional analysis of SMS received from banks
Scan QR codes from your cash coupons
Protect information by password

This is Pro version !!!
In this version of the application all functions are available!

The Personal Finance application allows you to keep track of expenses.
Identify weaknesses and strengths in their personal finances, optimize costs, increase revenues, improve monthly balance.
If You do not know where the money disappears, then Personal Finance will help with the effective management of Your expenses. This is an extremely simple but very effective cost accounting application.
The Personal Finance app for mobile phone is a very convenient way to control and plan Your personal budget.
If You have already tried to keep records in an Excel spreadsheet or just a handwritten notebook, and then threw the case, the application Personal Finance, because of the simplicity of working with it, and instant availability, will help You bring it to its logical end – creating an effective ballance, output in plus and as a result of achieving Your financial goals.
If You haven’t been able to save up for a long time: a vacation, a car, or any other major purchase, then using the app to account for expenses on a daily basis, You can quickly achieve these goals. With constant use of the application, You will quickly find weaknesses in Your budget and start saving wisely.

Pro version Features:

  • Multi-currency accounting
    You can create and manage accounts in different currencies. You can monitor total values of all accounts and articles in one, base currency
  • Get more accounts
    You can create more accounts. You can create and manage accounts as many as you want. And you can assign any available currencies
  • New income and outcome articles
    You can add more new articles. You can create new income and outcome articles. And use any available icons for them
  • Budgets and limits
    You can create and use any number of budgets. This allows You to control Your finances more effectively
  • Parsing SMS messages from banks
    Full functionality. You can create and manage any number of parsing rules for sms processing. This will allow you not to be distracted by manual data entry. Bank transactions will be created automatically in the application.
  • QR voucher barcode
    You can scan QR barcode from Your cash voucher. You can make an expense directly in the store by simply scanning the cashier’s check
  • Widgets. Full functionality
    You can add a widget to Your phone screen. This will allow you to always have in front of your eyes the most important information on the state of Your finances. And also get quick access to the most frequently used functions of the application from the widget
  • Dark theme
    You can use the dark (night) theme in the app interface. The dark theme reduces the brightness emitted by Your device’s screen and also helps to improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, and makes it easier to use the screen in low light conditions. Also, the dark theme saves battery power
  • Password protection
    You can protect Your data in the app by setting a password and security question
  • Fingerprint authentication
    You can use your fingerprint to enter the app. Just one touch and the app is unlocked. This saves time, and you do not need to remember anything (Note: the fingerprint can only be used together with the pin code and the secret question, in which case it was possible to restore access to the application)
  • Backup and Restore
    You can backup and restore Your data from Free version of Personal Finances to Pro and vice versa. If you already have transactional data in free version you can easily transfer it to the Pro version
Money Manager: Expense tracker
Download Money Manager: Expense tracker for android

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