Mornify MOD APK 3.4.7 (PRO)

Mornify - Wake up to music
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Mornify - Wake up to musicMornify - Wake up to musicMornify - Wake up to musicMornify - Wake up to music

Wake up to music with Mornify – Music Alarm Clock!

Mornify lets you set up alarms with your music so you can wake up to your favorite songs. Search for artists, genres, moods, and curated playlists, or use the music stored on your phone to make the most of your alarms. Your mornings will be more leisurely from now on.

Wake up with the best alarm sounds of your choice!

Fantastic user experience.
We’ve worked hard to make Mornify – Wake up alarm perfect for you. It’s easy to use, has a beautiful user interface, and is more reliable than ever.

Choose the right music for the right time.
Your entire music collection is here. Add songs to your alarms based on specific music genres, artists, and moods, or pick a curated playlist. Time to workout? Simply add a playlist and get motivated with different songs every time your alarm goes off. Free alarm clock for all your needs!

Fantastic Wake-up Alarm Clock Features:

  • Custom alarm volume and sounds
  • Select the snooze duration
  • Specify fade in duration
  • Enter a description by reminder alarm
  • Choose the appropriate song by selecting Mood, Genres, Top Songs, Top Albums, and Artists.

Everything in a single place.
No matter if you are looking for a loud or gentle alarm clock, we got you covered! The Mornify app is highly personalizable! Manage all your alarms from a single place. Check when is your next alarm, add new ones or change times and music.


  • No stress, only positive vibes with your alarm sounds.
  • Motivate yourself to work from the early morning with your favorite music.
  • Your entire music collection is here!
  • Choose different songs for waking up and reminder alarms.
  • Free alarm clock with the best music!
  • Custom alarm to your wishes.
  • It does not require an internet connection when the alarm clock works.

It just works. Even without the Internet.
No more excuses not to wake up. The Mornify – Gentle Alarm Clock works even when no Internet is available, so your alarms will still play your music.

Choose your favorite music as alarm songs, set up wake-up alarms, and start your days the right way. Are you looking for a loud or gentle alarm clock? Check out why our wake-up alarm songs are the best way to wake up!

Mornify - Wake up to music
Download Mornify - Wake up to music for android

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