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My Cafe — Restaurant Game MOD APK v2023.5.2.0

My Cafe — Restaurant Game
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My Cafe — Restaurant GameMy Cafe — Restaurant GameMy Cafe — Restaurant GameMy Cafe — Restaurant Game

My Cafe — Restaurant game is a girl game from the Melsoft Games studio, which is published on Dlpure for free. Here you manage a coffee shop. You and your friend Ann establish your first-class coffee shop in a quiet town and try to serve your guests with cool drinks and delicious food, and you also have to design and decorate the interior of your coffee shop to You can attract more customers and earn income. Also, you can manage your own restaurant in addition to the coffee shop and attract more customers by hiring employees and arranging comfortable furniture and pricing on the menus.

About My Cafe — Restaurant game:
My Cafe is a service themed game where players will have their own coffee shop and spend time developing it. You will have a fairly average coffee shop to yourself, so it will take time to build it up to an impressive scale and serve a variety of guests. At the same time, you decide how much you earn for the desserts or drinks you serve. It will be a great experience.

In My Cafe, players play the role of a girl who has her own house and uses it to build a coffee shop. But there is a problem that although the space of the house is quite large, the furniture related to making coffee or receiving guests is quite limited. You will be the one who will help the main character to attract a lot of visitors and earn a lot of money to develop his store. At the same time, it can be said that this is a long journey for the players.

During the current Halloween event, players will find new and exciting customers. You will be amazed when your guests are characters from fairy tales such as vampires, werewolves and many other exciting creatures. In addition, you can also collect some decorative objects for your cafe, because they all have impressive shapes. The scene around your coffee shop will also change to match the Halloween event.

Serve customers
When setting up My Cafe, the user will have a coffee machine and a table to serve a specific guest. So when the guest arrives, the main character will automatically prepare the right drink for him and you just have to monitor their interaction. It will be useful if you don’t ignore some information in conversations because they are tools and enable you to know what to do. As the number of customers increases, you can buy new furniture.

After you entertain a guest, you will have a certain amount of money to buy a new piece of furniture, such as a new table. You should pay attention to one thing that some items should be accompanied by others. For example, if you want to order a cupcake display, you need to bring a morning stand to use it. This is a real point that players will consider and you can customize your cafe build.

Make a lot of money on your own
When you request a character, you will get some money and experience in my cafe. You can level up to unlock new items, desserts, and drinks so you can’t take your eyes off your serve. At the same time, the money you earn can be used to buy things you like to fill your cafe space. There will be many ways to earn money that you can find in the game.

One of the ways to help earn money in this game is to entertain guests, but you need to review the list of desserts and drinks that you serve. You see the attached amount that others are required to pay and you can increase them up to a certain limit. If the background color of the amount you are collecting is green, then the price is fair to the customer. Yellow color indicates that customers are thinking about buying and red color means that no one buys.

Key Features
Decorate your coffee shop however you like, hire and train staff, decide on cafe menu items, and even set pricing based on your preferences and needs.
Do you have an innate talent for design? Develop your interior design skills! In this cooking simulation, you can choose from a variety of interior design styles, arrange items to your liking, and personalize a coffee shop to reflect your unique personality by including things that reflect your personality.
Develop unique coffee recipes and use them to spice up the lives of everyone in your cafe with creative coffee drink combinations.
Use your barista superpowers to prepare unique coffee and tea concoctions for all your visitors. Together, complete the responsibilities of the festival and lead your city to success!
Play My Cafe with your friends and meet fellow coffee lovers to compete in friendly competition with other coffee shop owners.
Do you like a good show? love story? In my cafe, the decision is entirely yours!
As a real coffee shop owner, you will have the opportunity to meet different people from all walks of life and help them navigate their way in life. This restaurant simulation allows you to choose between several lines of interaction with customers and discover where the story takes you!

Some features of My Cafe – Restaurant game MOD APK  for Android :

  • Design your coffee shop with more than 200 decorative items
  • Includes all kinds of coffee and hot drinks for cafe fans
  • Check the rumors about the coffee shop and discover its secrets
  • The existence of unique characters and meaningful relationships between them
  • Manage your coffee shop to deal with any kind of problem
  • Building a stylish restaurant
  • Arranging furniture and pricing on menus
  • Managing restaurant staff, hiring, training and firing your employees
  • Share on Facebook and see the coffee shop of your other friends
  • Great graphics with exciting sound
My Cafe — Restaurant Game
Download My Cafe — Restaurant Game for android

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