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My Passwords Manager
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My Passwords ManagerMy Passwords ManagerMy Passwords ManagerMy Passwords ManagerMy Passwords Manager

Most of the work is done on the internet these days. From registering for university and government services to working and shopping, there are all kinds of internet services that have been created to make things easier and have been able to save our time and energy to a great extent. In addition, many of our hobbies, such as playing games, watching movies and series, etc., have become online. Also, our communication with each other is established through social networks and messengers through the Internet. Since the beginning of the web and the Internet, the issue of security in this network was one of the most important issues, and various solutions were devised for it, one of which was the use of passwords on all services. Now, every internet service such as social networks, messengers, banking services, etc. have passwords. To maintain the security of users, it is recommended that the password of each site and account be different from each other and never use the same password twice. Also, to increase security, it is recommended that the password be long and complex so that it is difficult to guess and hack. Of course, despite the large number of sites and internet services in which we are members, we have to remember a large number of passwords, which is almost impossible. Therefore, we need to keep these passwords in a safe place. Today we are at your service with an application that creates this safe place. My Passwords Manager is an application for keeping and managing passwords, for the Android operating system, developed by Erkan Molla and published for free on Google Play. This app helps you keep all your passwords and other private information safe in an encrypted database. All you have to do is remember a master password that is used as an encryption key. This program is completely secure, because it does not have any access to the Internet and uses advanced 256-bit encryption (AES).

Some features and capabilities of the My Passwords Manager Android program:

Quick and easy access
Powerful data encryption with AES-256 bit
Easy data backup and recovery
Automatic backup on phone memory
No internet access
Create strong passwords
Automatic exit from the program when the screen is turned off
Multi-window support
Fingerprint support and…
Outputting information in Excel file format
Self-destruct capability
Support for themes
Display passwords on the smart watch

Tired of remembering multiple passwords or annoyed of forgetting them?

My Passwords app helps you to store all your logins, passwords, and other private information safe and secure in an encrypted database. The only thing that you have to do is to remember a master password which is used as encryption key.
It is 100% secure since it doesn’t have access to the internet.

My Passwords FEATURES

  • Quick and easy access
  • Strong data encryption using AES-256 bit
  • Backup and restore your data
  • Auto backup to local storage
  • No internet permission
  • Built in password generator
  • Auto exit when the screen turns off
  • Multi window support
  • Unlimited number of entries
  • [PRO] Biometric authentication (fingerprint etc.)
  • [PRO] Clipboard auto clear
  • [PRO] Custom fields
  • [PRO] Export and import csv files
  • [PRO] Image attachments
  • [PRO] Password history
  • [PRO] Self destruction
  • [PRO] Theme selection
  • [PRO] Unlimited labels
  • [PRO] Mass label assignment
  • [PRO] Wear OS app


The optional PRO version is available with a single in-app purchase which unlocks all the additional features. You purchase only once! No additional monthly fees or subscriptions.


Your data is always encrypted using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) which has been adopted by the U.S. government and is used worldwide.
If you need a new strong password you can simply create one with the built in password generator.


If you have multiple devices, you can share easily your passwords with all your devices without having to retype them using Dropbox, Google Drive or similar application. Simply create a backup on a device and transfer it to another where it can be restored using the same master password.


  • This is an offline password manager application and there is no automatic synchronization between devices
  • If the master password is lost, the stored data cannot be recovered
My Passwords Manager
Download My Passwords Manager for android

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