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Nebula Icon Pack 6.4.8 (Patched)

Nebula Icon Pack
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Nebula Icon PackNebula Icon PackNebula Icon PackNebula Icon PackNebula Icon Pack

One of the best ways to maintain the attractiveness of anything, such as living in a house, using a device, etc., is to make continuous changes in it. We all use our smartphones several times a day; Smart devices that make communication with others easier and try to meet the needs of their users at any time and place. Normally, many people do not care about the environment of their Android device, and this lack of importance is a reason for getting tired of the device environment. On the other hand, there are users who try to periodically change the interface and create a special attraction in it! Two different options greatly affect the screen of Android phones. The first option is wallpaper, which has a great impact on personalization; And the second option can be known as icons, which can give a special effect to your screen in addition to a beautiful wallpaper. Nebula Icon Pack is a beautiful and celestial icon pack application developed by Stark Designs and published on Google Play. This software, like other similar programs, provides you with a set of icons! But it has some differences with other icon packs, one of which is the high quality of the available icons; In such a way that the development team has tried to use maximum details in the designed icons and provide wonderful icons to their users. The choice of colors in this package is not random at all, and the colors have been chosen in such a way that they have a special fit with the desired software. There are more than 1000 icons in the heart of this startup, which you do not face any restrictions to access them. It should only be said that to use this icon pack, you need to disable the default launcher and use other launchers available in the Android market!

Some features and capabilities of the Nebula Icon Pack Android program:

A collection of very beautiful nebula and sky icons
Access to more than 1000 different icons
Very high quality icons compared to similar examples
Using dynamic colors to attract more audience
Using maximum details in the design of icons by the development team
20 wonderful wallpapers compatible with existing icons
Possibility to request the icon of your favorite program
Support for all kinds of side launchers
A simple dashboard to quickly meet your needs


You require a custom launcher for the icon pack to work.

Say Hello to Nebula Icon Pack! A set of simple yet sophisticated Icons, with a pop of colors!!
Nebula icons will gives you a pleasant, soothing feeling and you will love looking at your homescreen!

You can request 10 icons/week which will be themed sooner rather than later!
If some icons are present in the pack, but aren’t getting themed, just send me an icon request for such icons and I will fix them immediately!

What’s Included with Nebula?

  • Easy to use Blueprint dashboard by Jahir Fiquitva!
  • 500+ carefully handcrafted vector icons and many more to come!
  • 192x192px high resolution Icons!
  • 20 awesome wallpapers which include wallpapers exclusively made by awesome designers Rishi Bafna and Saurav Katyar!
  • Weekly updates with many new icons!
  • Support for many launchers!

Thanks to Jahir Fiquitva for his opensource Blueprint dashboard!

Huge Thanks to Rishi Bafna and Saurav Katyar for making the awesome walls!

Do follow them on twitter:

Rishi Bafna: https://twitter.com/RshBfn

Saurav Katyar: https://twitter.com/SKatiyar63

Follow me on twitter for all the updates and for asking any doubts you have: https://mobile.twitter.com/starkdesigns18

Nebula Icon Pack
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