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Neddi: pad, notes, lists, cale
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Neddi: pad, notes, lists, caleNeddi: pad, notes, lists, caleNeddi: pad, notes, lists, caleNeddi: pad, notes, lists, cale

Neddi is primarily a free app. You don’t need to buy any content. Everything in the app is free! The application is actively developing – as the previously created functionality is being corrected / modernized, so is the active creation and implementation of useful functions that the application did not yet have at the moment.

At the moment (version 2.5.1), the application has the following functions:

  1. Cloud storage. A quick and understandable process of both saving information and uploading it from the cloud will be understandable even for those people who do not particularly like to understand the intricacies of any processes.
  2. Pin – code (password) for the application. It is convenient in that access is denied to the entire application, and not to individual data with general open access. To increase the degree of security against hacking by unauthorized persons, your password is not saved anywhere and, accordingly, its recovery is not possible in any other way, except by entering the correct combination! Therefore, be careful when choosing a pin code. If you forget it, it is not possible to restore information stored locally (in the application)!
  3. Reminder that can be set for your data (notes, lists, calendar). For reminders, you can also set the repeat interval (every day, every week, every month).
  4. Folders with which you can structure your notes.
  5. Calendar with active functionality in the form of text entries for certain days, marking days (work, weekend, important, holiday, miscellaneous), the ability to assign a reminder for a specific date.
  6. To-do lists.
  7. Canvas for painting
  8. Change the color scheme of the application
  9. Recycle bin, for storing deleted data (notes, lists, pictures)
  10. Sorting data
  11. Ability to change the appearance of notes.
  12. Ability to customize queries (enable / disable) in the form of dialog boxes when exiting the application or editing data (notes).
Neddi: pad, notes, lists, cale
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