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Numberzilla: Number Match Game
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Numberzilla: Number Match GameNumberzilla: Number Match GameNumberzilla: Number Match GameNumberzilla: Number Match Game

Numberzilla – Number Games MOD APK is a puzzle game from the game studio LiftApp LLC, which millions of people around the world love this Android game. Here you have to pair the numbers together, maybe you say to yourself, what does pairing mean? Pairs of the same pairs of numbers (4-4, 2-2, 9-9) and … or two numbers whose sum is 10, for example (2-8, 3-7) and … which you can Tap on them and remove them one by one. Pairs should be next to each other and you can line them up vertically, horizontally. Your goal is to underline all the numbers and clear the board. Also, if one number is in the last house but in the same row and another is in the first house in the line below, draw a line. When there are no more numbers to remove, the remaining numbers can be added to the end.

Here are the following three game modes MOD APK  :

1) Classic
It’s an endless mode: you have unlimited time and field to set a record in points.
2) Survival
The playing field is limited and the numbers are decreasing, similar to Tetris game. When your game board is full, you play.
3) dynamic
Once you reach the maximum number of numbers, you can change them. Go for it and reach the next level.

You can also use special boosters to help you solve logic puzzles or to speed it up and clear the board of numbers much faster and easier. There are 3 types of boosters in the Numberzilla game. Use the bomb to make the numbers explode, just bomb the area you selected (red area). This way you will blow up 9 numbers at once and clear the board faster.

Numberzilla: Number Match Game
Download Numberzilla: Number Match Game for android

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