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OnScripter Plus MOD APK 2.0.18 (Ad Free)

ONScripter Plus
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ONScripter PlusONScripter PlusONScripter PlusONScripter Plus

Plays NScripter games on your Android device. Plays all language visual novels (if already translated). Bring your game to your phone to play on device.

This application has more features and has a different user interface than the other ONScripter applications.
Visit the Github page to setup games. https://github.com/matthewn4444/onscripter-plus-android/wiki/Setting-up-a-Visual-Novel

If you want this app to be translated to your language, email me if you would like to help translate.

Want no ads? Get the ad free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onscripter.pluspro

OnScripter Plus Features

  • Place games in any folder in your SD card or internal memory
  • Able to change the default folder to place your games
  • Able to hide controls when playing a game and bring them back up with a swipe from the sides
  • Able to increase and scale up the text size
  • A game does not require a font file to play (it will use a default font provided by the app)
  • English proportional font is supported
  • Supports UTF-8 script encoding (for French, Spanish etc)
  • Support Hangul Korean character set
  • Chinese support
  • Basic ONScripter-EN


  • Support PONScripter features to play some other English games
  • In-game font changing support (through options)
  • Implement widescreen (ported) games
  • Implement a widescreen (adapted-hack) mode

You can try a free ONScripter game Narcissu at the following link: http://narcissu.insani.org/down.html

Thanks to Studio O.G.A for the original source code. http://onscripter.sourceforge.jp/android/android.html
Source upon request, email developer.

ONScripter Plus
Download ONScripter Plus for android

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