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Pawxy: Fast VPN & Browser
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Pawxy: Fast VPN & BrowserPawxy: Fast VPN & BrowserPawxy: Fast VPN & BrowserPawxy: Fast VPN & Browser

Welcome to Pawxy – Your Go-To VPN Browser App! 

Get ready for the ultimate Internet Privacy experience with Pawxy! We’re not just any browser, but a VPN Browser, prioritizing your online security while making web surfing super fun. Our mission is to redefine Internet Privacy and security, combining it with a cool user experience. Here are some features that make Pawxy the new Gen Z sensation!

Pawxy’s Browser and VPN Features That’ll Blow Your Mind! 

Browser++ – The Ultimate Multitasking Browser
Step up your browsing game with Browser++. This feature allows you to create as many browsers as you need on your device, juggling multiple accounts on any website like a pro. Use our built-in passcode protection to keep your browsing activity safe and secure.

Area69 VPN – Your Gateway to Free Internet
Experience the freedom of unrestricted browsing with our built-in high-speed Area69 VPN. Enjoy top-notch Internet Privacy with our military-grade encryption. Our VPN service is free, unlimited, and follows a no-log policy, ensuring your online activities stay anonymous. Say hello to a new era of Internet Privacy!

Power Downloader – Fast and Fierce
Our built-in multi-threaded downloader is ready to whizz your files from your favorite websites to specific folders. No more chaos, just organized bliss!

AdBlocker – Your Shield from Pesky Ads
No more annoying pop-ups! Our clever AdBlocker zaps unwanted ads, giving you a smooth browsing experience while saving over 50% of your mobile data and enhancing battery life.

Unmatched Privacy & Security
With Pawxy, you get a VPN Browser that is serious about your online safety. Our advanced features block trackers, keeping your online activities private. Set your “vanish mode” preferences to automatically clear specific browsing activity every time you exit the app.

Unlimited Themes & a User-Friendly Interface
Pawxy offers a simple yet stylish interface that’s easy to use and customize. Whether you’re a fan of dark mode or want to jazz up the theme with your favorite color, we’ve got you covered.

Pawxy’s Unique Browser Features 

Speed Dial – Quick Access to Your Favorites
Instantly access your favorite websites right from the homepage. You can even configure the speed dial to full-screen mode.

Lightweight – Small Size, Big Impact
Weighing in at less than 3MB, Pawxy is a lightweight browser that packs a punch.

Offline Pages – No WiFi, No Problem
Save your favorite web pages for offline access – no WiFi or data required.

Edit & Prank – A Little Fun Never Hurt Anyone
Have a laugh by editing the text of any webpage, taking a screenshot, and sharing it with your friends.

More Cool Features
Voice Search, QR Code Scanner, Print Web Page, Page Translate, Custom Text Size, Desktop Mode, Search by Image, HTTPS Information, History & Bookmarks, Incognito Mode.

Jump right into Pawxy, your next-gen VPN Browser. If you love it, don’t forget to share it with your friends! 🫶

Pawxy: Fast VPN & Browser
Download Pawxy: Fast VPN & Browser for android

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