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Photo Sherlock MOD APK 1.104 (Pro)

Photo Sherlock Search by photo
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Photo Sherlock Search by photoPhoto Sherlock Search by photoPhoto Sherlock Search by photoPhoto Sherlock Search by photo

If you think a little about the type of content you see on your smartphone on a daily basis, you will understand that most of these content are visual content and often photos. Images are among the most popular and popular content on the Internet and social networks, so content producers are always providing as many images as possible and sharing them with their contacts. If you are active in social networks such as Telegram, Twitter and Instagram, you know how important images are and how much their use affects the attractiveness and acceptability of posts. In addition, images are one of the most important criteria in the readability of content, that’s why almost all posts on websites and blogs have at least one image. Sometimes it happens that we see an image and we want to make sure that it is not a copy and that it is original or that we like an image and we want to find a bigger and better version of it on the Internet. In such cases, we can use the Google image search system. You must have come across the search by image section in Google image search. Using this part, we can give an image to Google and ask it to search the image itself and not a specific word. Google searches for the image using its artificial intelligence system, cloud processing and huge database and displays the sites that have used this image in the results. By referring to each of these results, you can see a version of the photo you uploaded and find a higher quality and larger version of the image in this combination. If no result is displayed, it means that Google could not find any similar image and most likely, your image is an original image and has not been used on any website before. It is very easy to do this on PC but on smartphones, you will face a little difficulty. To make this task easier, you can use the program that we introduce today in Dlpure. Photo Sherlock – Reverse Image Search is a very useful application for searching photos on the Internet, for the Android operating system, developed by the Hippeis software group and published for free on Google Play. If you have a picture of a famous person and you don’t know his name, or if you want to find the name of a place using his picture, this app is what you need.

App provides search by image taken from camera or from gallery. Can be used to find information about photo on Google, for example to detect real owner of photo from social network (check if photo is fake). Contains crop functionality.

Photo Sherlock Search by photo
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