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PickCrafter Idle Craft Game MOD APK v5.11.01

PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game
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PickCrafter Idle Craft Game MOD APK is a simulation game from Fiveamp game studio, published in DELPURE. In this android game you have to collect all the blocks and equipment and hit the mines and collect precious stones and discover the treasures. Open all biomes and dig for gold and mine. Also upgrade your items and abilities. Find your companions and use items to power yourself up and share your exploits on Discord, Facebook and Twitter.

PickCrafter is good for adventure and gems. It’s true that you keep going month after month and start digging and what you get is a treasure. Retrieving holes completes your approach to the game! Supported by 2D graphics technology, the characters and every activity are the latest from your perspective. Be significantly idle in bat activities, discover how creatures mature, but also come with equipment upgrades.

Simple extraction operations are supported
Just by clicking the mouse or pressing virtual keys, players can dig to quickly find treasures in PickCrafter. A strike is when you swing your pick and remove chunks of soil, rock, or even wood. In addition, you can also use any sword to dig!

Even when you are offline, the system still works and you can then use the collection funnel to save the blocks you have earned. You can also use the device to lighten the job. However, they are rare. You will be hard pressed to have them! The character you have in PickCrafter also needs energy to work. It is good if you can use this job to the fullest.

Upgrade the system to faster mining
Sometimes you will face obstacles. PickCrafter tools also need to be maintained and upgraded to work more efficiently. That’s why players need it regularly. Deal with the dangers lurking wit, the bosses always hold special items and everyone wants them, rush to get them by defeating them. Check them out and help them have a well-deserved vacation.

Unlock several new mining zones, get more resources from other activities, and really enjoy changing the theme to battle with your friends for hegemony. Joining and checking in every day also earns rewards, diamonds, gear and even rare tools!

PickCrafter is a game of digging, breaking blocks in search of valuable diamonds or a few items needed for travel. Fun, idle, exciting is something that can attract players to explore and learn. Experiencing it with friends is the best choice. See you on the next mining trip! Don’t forget to leave a review below so we can collect feedback to come back in the next version.

Key Features

  • Hopper collects blocks even when the computer is idle or offline!
  • Increase your power by using abilities and artifacts.
  • Help from legendary blocks and cars is coming!
  • Even when you are not playing, you may still earn resources.
  • Daily Rewards System – Take advantage of the amazing incentives offered by the Daily Rewards System.
  • There are almost 90 milestones to complete.
  • Compete with your friends and climb the ranks.
  • No need to connect to the Internet.
  • No mods, launchers or PE required.

Some features of PickCrafter Idle Craft Game MOD APK  Android game:

  • Collect blocks Use abilities and artifacts to strengthen your power
  • Use of legendary blocks and machines
  • Upgrade your abilities and equipment
  • Design your own special items and earn money
  • Includes daily reward system
  • Over 90 achievements to unlock
  • Battle with your friends and participate in ranking leaderboards
  •  Completely offline and without the need for internet

PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game
Download PickCrafter - Idle Craft Game for android

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