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Pix Material You Light/Dark 3.6.Build (Patched)

Pix Material You Light/Dark
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Pix Material You Light/DarkPix Material You Light/DarkPix Material You Light/DarkPix Material You Light/Dark

In the Android world, more and more interesting apps are created by developers and shared with users. This applies not only to user software, but we have seen significant improvements in personalization tools, which we have tried to provide you with the best and newest ones. Pix Material You Light/Dark is the title of the light and dark version of the Pix Material linear icon pack developed by PashaPuma Design and published on Google Play. As we mentioned in the previous posts, one of the most popular Android icon packs is Pix Material You Icon, which we have provided a full description of its main feature. But in this post we intend to introduce a new version of this package. In this program, as in the previous version, you are faced with a set of matching linear icons, symbols that change color continuously with the background, and you can see a special match. So that you don’t have any worries about the type of background of your smartphone. But the main difference between this version of the icon pack and its basic version is the dark and light modes. This means that by activating the dark or light mode on your Android phone, the color of the icons will also change in such a way that there is no interference in the UI. As in the previous version, you have access to a set of exclusive wallpapers that are worth using and give a special effect to your Android screen. Currently, more than 10,000 different icons are available in this program, and its database is getting bigger day by day, and it supports various startups and games. Just note that to activate these adaptive icons, you need special launchers, the most popular of which are Nova Launcher and Niagara Launcher. The developer team has always updated the existing database to support new apps.

Some features and capabilities of the Pix Material You Light/Dark Android program:

Having access to a collection of 10 thousand different icons
Excellent adaptive mode to change the color of the icons according to the background of the phone
Several completely exclusive wallpapers and compatible with icons
Support for two dark and light modes if these modes are activated on the smartphone
Match the color of the widgets and their themes according to the background!
Frequent updates to access new icons

Pix Material You Light/Dark Dynamic Icons – These are icons for custom launchers that change color from wallpaper / accent of system, also change in light / dark mode of device. There are also ways to apply to stock launcher (read about it below ↓ ↓ ↓).

Available in application:

  • Adaptive icons (10k+).
  • Themed Widgets.
  • Exclusive thematic Wallpapers.
  • For the package to work, you must first open the application to check the license.

How to use:

How to change icon colors automatically on Android 8-13?
To change color of icons on Android 8+, you need :
Lawnchair Launcher 12.1 (min. version dev №1415):
Activate “Themed Icons” for Home Screen and App Drawer.
Hyperion Launcher (beta):
Setting the color scheme:
Setting Hyperion > Colors > Theme > Theme base color > Wallpaper color.
Activate Themed Icons:
Hyperion Settings > Iconography > Themed Icons…
Detailed instructions:

How do I change the colors of icons in Android 12+?
You can use any launcher to make the icons change colors, but there is one BUT:
After changing wallpaper / accent system, you need to reapply icon pack (or apply another icon pack, and then immediately this one), Except those launchers that are marked (Change Colors Automatically).

How do I change to light / dark mode?
After changing device theme to light / dark, you need to reapply icon pack (or apply another icon pack, and then this one immediately), Except those launchers that are marked (Change Colors Automatically).

How to change the shape of icons?

An adaptive icon can display a variety of shapes across different device models. For example, it can display a circular shape on one OEM device, and display a squircle on another device. Each device OEM must provide a mask, which the system uses to render all adaptive icons with the same shape.

So if your default launcher doesn’t change the shape of the icon, you NEED a custom launcher that does.

!Notes! :

  1. Read description in full.
  2. You need to re-apply icon pack to change colors, except for launchers that are marked (Change Colors Automaticaly).
  3. Samsung: To activate Monet on Samsung devices:
    Go into system settings;
    Wallpaper and Styles;
    Set your wallpaper > set the system color palette;
    Now go into your launcher settings > select a Monet supported icon pack;
    For stock Samsung launcher you have to apply icons through Theme Park (same steps).
  4. For Search widgets to work, you need to have the Google application and Google Lens installed.
  5. Pixel: To change icons on a Pixel:
    (without root access) Set icons only on the home screen using the Shortcut Maker application;
    (rooted) Set icons to both desktop and app drawer with Pixel Launcher Mods app. Detailed instructions: https://pashapumadesign.blogspot.com/2022/11/knows-that-pixel-launcher-does-not.html
  6. If something does not work, go to the technical support group in telegram (link below and in application).

Recommended use Launchers:

  • Lawnchair 12.1 (latest DEV version) (Change Colors Automaticaly (Android 8+)).
  • Hyperion (Change Colors Automaticaly (Android 8+)).
  • Niagara Launcher (Change Colors Automaticaly).
  • AIO Launcher (Change Colors Automaticaly).
  • Action Launcher.
  • Nova Launcher.
  • Ruthless Launcher.
  • In Pixel Launcher (stock launcher in Pixel devices) work with app Shortcut Maker.
  • In Stock One UI Launcher use Theme Park to change color.

If something does not work for you, you can contact “technical support” in telegram:

Pix Material You Light/Dark
Download Pix Material You Light/Dark for android

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