Pizza Boy GBA MOD APK 1.25.11 (Pro Paid)

Pizza Boy GBA MOD APK 1.25.11 (Pro Paid)

The finest emulator of handheld is here!

Enhancements compared to the free version:

  •  Beautiful GUI
  •  Customizable skins
  •  Cheats
  •  Google Drive sync
  •  Quick/Auto save
  •  Local and Wifi multiplayer
  •  An enhanced settings menu
  •  Improved control system
  •  BIOS support
  •  Cartridges hardware (gyroscope, light sensor, tilt sensor, rumble pack) support


Common features with Pizza Boy GBA Free

  •  Very high scores in precision tests
  •  Totally written in C and assembly for incredible performance and low battery consumption
  •  Take advantage of OpenGL and OpenSL native libraries for video and audio performance to the top
  •  60 FPS guaranteed even on old hardware
  •  Save and restore states
  •  Slow motion/Fast forward
  •  Buttons size and position total customization
  •  Hardware joypads support
  •  Shaders

Supports zip and 7z archives
Warning! Roms not included!

Bugs? Features request? Email me at:

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