Plank Workout – 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss v1.4

Plank Workout - 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss
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Plank workouts is a core strength exercise for the whole body, the plank is an exercise for strengthening your deep inner core. Plank Workouts for Women and Men app includes very Challenging and effective exercises and methods to tone your core and back.

This plank workout app contains correct tips & technique of the plank exercise for the People who are dreaming about Six Packs Abs.

Plank Workouts for Women

Plank challenge for women for belly fat is the Best Exercise for the women, this is one of the Secret Formula for a Flat Stomach and also cover total body exercise routine. Follow 30 Day Plank Challenge Free, put every muscle in your body to work and sculpt your waistline.

Planking for Weight Loss

Can planking help you lose weight? If you want to lose weight, the plank is one of the most effective moves because Planks burns more calories than crunches, Kick start your core strengthening Plank exercise routine with plank exercises App to maximize the calorie-burning effects .

Planks for beginner

There are so many plank variations this 30 Day Plank Challenge app for Beginners includes simple plank exercises to work out every day for 5 Minutes to help you continue to improve your build muscle, endurance strength with this Bodyweight exercises.

Plank workout timer

Plank is a very popular workout for a stronger core, Use this super hit fitness plank workouts timer to keep yourself honest while working out on your own, At the end of this 20 days planking challenge you can advance your core routine and able to hold a 5-minute plank, Download this 20 day planking exercise app for quick routines at any time.
Special Features

  • Planking exercise app. Free!
  • No equipment or machinery needed
  • Special type of Planking challenge
  • 30 day plank fat burning challenge
  • Plank poses for abs and weight loss
  • Planks for muscle tone and Side Plank
  • Extended Plank and Long-Lever Plank
  • Extended Plank With Shoulder Taps
  • Power Planks workout for belly fat
  • 3 Minutes Perfect Plank workouts for beginners

Want a total-body exercise? 5-minute core workout to get flattered abs and a stronger core engage a large number of muscles and improve core strength and endurance get the seriously stronger core in just one month.

Plank Workout - 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss
Download Plank Workout - 30 Day Challenge for Weight Loss for android

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