QR Code Scanner MOD APK 2.0.10 b16 (Premium)

QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode
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QR Code Scanner - Scan BarcodeQR Code Scanner - Scan BarcodeQR Code Scanner - Scan BarcodeQR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode

QR code scanner and barcode reader is a tool that allows you to scan QR codes and barcodes using your smartphone camera. Fast and simply designed QR Scanner – Barcode scanner that supports all QR & barcode formats. QR Code Reader app quickly and accurately decodes the information contained in the code, which can include website URLs, product information, contact details, and more. QR scanner and barcode reader is a valuable QR App for both personal and professional use.

Simple QR scanner app for Android also provides the functionality of the QR code generator which creates QR without any cost. QR code scanner for Wifi password that reads QR code, scans barcode quickly access websites, make payments, track shipments and inventory management. The QR code reader is used for event check and to provide additional information about products or services in the fastest way.

Amazing Features of QR Scanner – Barcode reader

QR Code Reader for Android
Need a QR Code reader app to scan QR codes? QR Scanner – QR code scanner scan QR code fast and safely. QR scanner App will automatically recognize any QR app code. Barcode reader and QR Reader can quickly scan unlimited QR.

QR & Barcode Scanner
With the QR code maker and Barcode Reader, you can also scan product barcodes. QR Scanner – QR Code Reader saves all coded information on your Android mobile. QR & barcode app turns your mobile into a portable QR code & barcode scanner app. QR code scanner and scan barcode app provide you detailed data of the barcode on the product.

QR & Barcode Generator
QR code generator and scanner allow users to create QR codes or barcodes. QR Creator and Barcode generators to create QR codes or barcodes serve a variety of purposes. QR Code creator generates code for your own social accounts etc. Barcode Creator Creates QR codes and allows you to save, and share the code you just created through the scan QR code app.

Price Scanner
Scan promotions and coupon codes to get discounts. Scan product barcodes and compare prices online. Barcode reader and scanner allow you to scan all types of barcodes, and coupon codes using the QR Scan apps. QR & Barcode Scanners are also used for inventory management using QR code scanning apps.

Scan for Wifi Password
WiFi scanner and QR Scanner app scan and read the WIFI codes. Scans the QR barcode scanner from the gallery. Scan barcodes to obtain different online purchases. QR & barcode generators compare the prices in multiple e-commerce portals. QR Maker detects codes, Scans, and reads within picture files or scans directly using a QR reader.

Why Choose this QR Scanner – QR Code Reader?

  • Support all QR and barcode formats.
  • QR code & Coupon scanner scan promotion and coupon codes.
  • QR Creator Create and Share with others.
  • Easily scan and read-create QR & barcodes.
  • Barcode reader scan history saved.
  • QR Code Scanner support flashlight.
  • QR code generator and QR code creator.
  • QR reader Auto-zoom.
  • Price finder.
  • Privacy safe.

Recommended for you to download Barcode Reader with all the features you need. After downloading little permission is required including camera and storage to scan the QR code scanner for Android. Suggested for you to give us feedback about QR Scanner – Barcode Scanner.

QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode
Download QR Code Scanner - Scan Barcode for android

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