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RainViewer MOD APK 2.20.6 (Premium)

RainViewer: Weather Radar Map
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RainViewer: Weather Radar MapRainViewer: Weather Radar MapRainViewer: Weather Radar MapRainViewer: Weather Radar MapRainViewer: Weather Radar Map

If you also follow the news of the day, several storms and floods occur every year, which affect people’s lives and in many cases cause irreparable damage to them! Unlike natural disasters such as landslides, earthquakes, etc., which cannot be predicted, today’s new technologies help people to quickly become aware of bad weather conditions and to be able to predict the presence of strong winds or dangerous storms. . According to this issue, various softwares have been published for different operating systems, and in this post we are going to introduce one of the best of them. RainViewer: Weather Radar Map is an advanced weather radar application for Android published by Oleksii Schastlyvyi. With a unique technology, this software receives the latest information from its rigs at any moment and provides them to its users. One of the main features of this program is weather warnings; In such a way that it predicts any kind of bad weather conditions with high accuracy and provides users with information about passing storms. Torrential rains, storms, strong winds, hail, etc. are among the information that the above program analyzes every minute, and if they go out of their standard level, it quickly sends various notifications to users. It doesn’t matter where you live on the planet because this weather application covers all continents and publishes any type of information quickly. Don’t forget to use attractive widgets and place them on your smartphone screen to access information as quickly as possible.

The best free weather radar and rain forecast app. Track rain, snow, or any storm on the live radar map. RainViewer forecasts where the storm will be moving within the next 90 mins, building a future radar animation for 1000+ radars over the world. Add your favorite places and get rain alerts to plan your day ahead.


Weather Radar Map. Track the storm pathway:

how it moved the past 48 hours, current situation and the forecast of where it will be moving the next 90 minutes.

  • Future Radar Forecast. RainViewer creates a future radar animation for 1000+ weather radars in original resolution for the next 90 min, thus you can plan your day ahead.
  • Precipitation chart. Shows the intensity of precipitation over the next hour in your area, available for more than 90 countries.
  • Favorite Places. Get weather reports for multiple locations: home, office, holiday destination or business trip.
  • Weather Forecast. A 24-hour and 7-day weather forecast on a beautifully streamlined graphic. It highlights important data only: temperature and weather conditions.
  • Rain Notifications. Stay aware when rainfall, storms, or snowfall is heading to your location. Set rain alerts for any favorite place.
  • Homescreen Widget. View local weather conditions for your location or any favorite place in real-time on your home screen.
  • Share Radar Animation. Notify friends, colleagues or team members about upcoming rain, snow or storm events by sharing radar animations in .gif or .mp4 format. Or post on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.


Available for 90 Countries
1000+ Radar Coverage
32 Languages Supported


Rain data archive:

See how rain or snow has been moving during the previous 6 hours (48 hours Premium Feature).

Single radar map:

All 1000+ radars on a single map or tap on a specific one to view more details.

HD Radar:

View HD information from the radar (smoothing) or view the classic radar (without smoothing).


Instant alerts:

Stay notified when rain or snow is on its way.

In radius alerts:

Specify the radius to receive alerts for nearby precipitation.


Color scheme:

Select color scheme for the precipitation layer from the 16 available color schemes in the app


Turn on a snow display so that you’re ready to make a snowman.

Measurement units:

Select Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C), Miles (mi) or Kilometers (km) as units to display temperature and distance. Or mixed: Celsius (°C) and Miles (mi) for the UK.

Night Mode:

Set up dark mode for night time.

Time intervals:

Display precipitation map for the last 1hr – 6hr (1hr – 48hr Premium Features)

Map type:

Standard, Hybrid, Terrain.


  • Ad-free experience.
  • Up to 10 favorite locations.
  • Twice as fast radar map updates, every 5 mins.
  • Rain radar forecast for the next 90 minutes with 5-min steps.
  • 48-hour/14-day weather forecast.
  • Set up any favorite place on Home Widget.
  • Push notifications of upcoming rain for any favorite location.
  • Weather map archive for the previous 48 hours.
  • Remove watermarks from radar animation.
  • Increase time ranges for shared animation.
RainViewer: Weather Radar Map
Download RainViewer: Weather Radar Map for android

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